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‘Posters against gender violence’ in Pere Maria Orts.

Pere Maria Orts i Bosch Secondary School today opened a replica of the exhibition 'Posters against gender-based viole

25 Nov 2019
An exhibition to vindicate the eradication of violence against women.

This noon has been inaugurated in the Espai d'Art of Benidorm City Council the third edition of the exhibition 'Poste

20 Nov 2019
Benidorm stands up to macho violence.

The Councilor for Equality, Ángela Zaragozí, has presented today the activities scheduled by Benidorm City Council in

19 Nov 2019
The City Council promotes three awareness campaigns during the Local Festivities.

Benidorm City Council, through the departments of Fiestas, Equality and Social Welfare, launch three awareness campai

5 Nov 2019
Minute of silence against gender violence in memory of the woman killed in Castellbisbal

This midday there has been a minute of silence against sexist violence at the gates of Benidorm City Hall, convened b

5 Nov 2019
The ‘Violet Point’ begins an itinerant action aound highschools for the Local Fiestas.

The "Violet Points" are spaces of awareness, information, attention and help to victims of any type of sexist aggress

4 Nov 2019