Estadística y Población

 PSOE, the most voted party in the General Elections in Benidorm with 31.20% of the votes.

PSOE has been the most voted political force in Benidorm in the General Elections held this Sunday, with the support

14 Nov 2019
A total of 702 people will be called for the 78 polling stations on 10-N.

Benidorm has held an extraordinary plenary session this morning where the raffle has been held to choose the componen

16 Oct 2019
The City Council facilitates the citizenship the procedure not to receive electoral canvas.

Benidorm City Council makes it easier for citizens to carry out the procedure so as not to receive electoral canvas f

25 Sep 2019
43,785 voters are called to the polls this Sunday for the Municipal Elections.

On Sunday, May 26, 43,785 voters are called to the polls to participate in the Municipal Elections and elect the 25 c

27 May 2019
 PP obtains an absolute majority in Benidorm with almost 40% of the votes.

The Popular Party (PP) has obtained an absolute majority in Benidorm in the Municipal Elections held this Sunday to g

27 May 2019
Election day starts in Benidorm without incidents.

Election day on Sunday, in which citizens are called to elect their representatives in the municipal corporation and

27 May 2019