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Benidorm completes the green strip of Italia street parallel to the TRAM with a new garden area.

Benidorm City Council has completed the green strip of Italia street that runs parallel to the TRAM road with the cre

9 Jul 2019
Benidorm will create 50 new urban gardens next to the center 'Pepita Esperanza' in La Cala.

Benidorm City Council is adapting a municipal plot next to the municipal center 'Pepita Esperanza Llinares Llorca' in

4 Jul 2019
Benidorm asphalt Quatre Cantons street and introduces new services in the Old Town.

Benidorm Town Hall is paving these days Quatre Cantons Street, where they are introducing new services that will supp

31 May 2019
Urban art recovers six environments of the city with the show 'BenidormExpone'.

'BenidormExpone' is a proposal of the councils of Culture and Urban Scene that focuses on creativity and art to dynam

15 Apr 2019
Benidorm reports about the opening of a new area of biohealthy elements in Italy street.

The Department of Urban Scene of Benidorm City Council informs that tomorrow, Friday, April 12, it will be opened to

12 Apr 2019
More than 300 trees will provide new areas of shade on Alcalde Vicente Pérez Devesa Avenue.

The Council of Urban Scene informs to the neighbors of the plantation of 315 trees of shade, of tipuana tipu species,

10 Apr 2019