Servicios Comunicacion


The program 'Servidor Público' started in October 2014 and 12 councillors of the municipal corporation have visited t

2 Feb 2015
The leader of Podemos in Benidorm, Ladislao Banfalvi, grants his first interview to Onda Benidorm

With the goal of "greater transparency at all levels", Banfalvi acknowledged in the interview that "it is important a

14 Jan 2015

Mamen Mayor expressed her "pride of chairing the association in this year in which the 275 Anniversary of the Virgin

16 Dec 2014
Tension about unemployment and the constitution in the political gathering in Onda Benidorm

During the gathering were discussed various current issues related to the situation of employment and unemployment in

5 Dec 2014
The new president of the Fiestas Committee visits Onda Benidorm Radio

Juan Muñoz expressed his "pride for representing and organizing celebrations in my town in such a special year that i

4 Dec 2014
The Government will take legal action against the falseness expressed by the use of 'fixed cash'

The fixed cash is not an opaque account and depens on the municipal workers, who manage this cash, not the councillo

24 Oct 2014