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Toni Pérez opens in Onda Benidorm a section that will analyze the role of the city in all areas.

The mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez, has been interviewed today in the morning magazine of Onda Benidorm, 'Benidorm en

21 Aug 2019
Antonio Pérez re-elected mayor of Benidorm by absolute majority.

 Antonio Pérez Pérez from the Popular party has taken office again today as a mayor of Benidorm as representative of

17 Jun 2019
Special program for the election day at the municipal station of the Benidorm City Council: Onda Benidorm 100.6.

The municipal radio station of Benidorm Town Council, Onda Benidorm, which broadcasts from 100.6 of the dial, on Sund

27 May 2019
Benidorm, backlot of two chapters of  'Cuéntame' series

During the last three days Benidorm has been the film set of two chapters of 'Cuéntame' , the longest series of Spani

28 Oct 2016
The 75 productions shot in Benidorm in 2015 left 2.6 million euros in the city

It is estimated that these 75 productions have resulted for Benidorm a total of 2,653,350 euros, which corresponds to

11 Feb 2016
Coca-Cola launches worldwide its new TV spots with images of Benidorm

These two images of Benidorm are not the only ones used.

3 Feb 2016