Descripción de la Concejalía de Juventud

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Youth department instals in front of the Youth Information Center benches 'customized' by the artist Antonio de Felipe

The six benches 'customized' last summer by the pop artist Antonio de Felipe have already a location: in front of the

23 Mar 2017
Youth department awards the prizes of the XXVIII edition of the Contest of New Creators

The winner will have a limousine and three hours to spend the money in any of the shops of the city

7 Feb 2017
Boca del Calvari museum hosts the XXVIII edition of New Creators Contest

The best painting will be awarded with 1000 euros, with another 1000 the best sculpture and with 100 the best author

18 Jan 2017
Youth organizes a new course of extinction and fire prevention in forests

It will count towards scores for public examinations in police, firefighter or personnel security

4 Nov 2016
Success in the II Lan Party Tecnológica

The second edition of the Lan Party Tecnológica, organized by the Youth Council was successful.

19 Oct 2016
Youth department announces the XXVIII New Creators Contest of Painting and Sculpture

The contest is open to young people between 14 and 35 who may submit up to two works by author, which must be origina

3 May 2016


Responsables de la concejalía

Sr. D. Jaime Jesús Pérez Esteban
Sr. D. Jaime Jesús Pérez Esteban
Cultura, Juventud y Patrimonio