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The government spokesman and responsible for the areas of Finance and Urbanism, Lourdes Caselles, indicated that acc

1 Feb 2016
Benidorm receives 108,000 euros of liquidation corresponding to Armanello Plan

The company has agreed to pay the amount set by the municipal officers, "assuming that the company does not have the

18 Jan 2016
The Supreme Court exempts the City Council of maintenance costs of the vials of Terra Mítica

The local government spokesman José Ramón González de Zárate, said that this statement is "good news" for Benidorm as

27 Nov 2015
The urban model of Benidorm, an example in coastal management

After being received in the hall of the City Council by, Lourdes Caselles, councillor for Urbanism ,they attended a l

25 Nov 2015
Experts from eleven Mediterranean countries are interested in the urban model of Benidorm

A project that wants to identify legal and institutional obstacles for the implementation of the principles contained

24 Nov 2015


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