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The technicians study the proposal to allow establishments on 1st floors and basements of the main avenues.

The municipal technicians will study the proposal made by the municipal group of the PP within the Advisory Council o

7 Feb 2018
Works of the new shopping center in Benidorm.

The government team will take the provisional approval of the punctual modification number 1 of the 3/1 Industrial Pa

23 Jan 2018

The City Council is studying the request of the Agrupación de Interés Urbanístico (AIU) of the PP1 / 1 Armanello to p

4 Jan 2018
The municipal specialists present the bases for Armanello's new program.

Municipal technicians have presented today the draft of the technical and economic bases of the program of the Integr

4 Jan 2018
Benidorm also requests an appointment with the Minister of Environment for the sentence of the Supreme Court on the towers of Punta Llisera.

The mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez, has requested a meeting with the Minister of Environment, Isabel García Tejerina,

27 Nov 2017
Benidorm requests a meeting with the Minister of Housing following the ruling of the TSJ about the towers of Punta Llisera.

The councilor for Urbanism of Benidorm City Council, Lourdes Caselles, today has requested a meeting with the Council

22 Nov 2017


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