Mobility and Traffic

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Citizen Security has convened a commission to study the annual calendar of the city activities to optimize resources

The Councilman for Security, José Marcet, explained that this is the first meeting of the committee "in which we put

30 Nov 2012

These inspections were made in various parts of the town center, especially in sensitive areas such as schools, heal

5 Nov 2012
 The Mobility Department enables an additional lane to access this week at St. James' Cemetery

On the other hand, as is well known, the maintenance in good condition of the road marking results in an improvement

30 Oct 2012

Road marks have been repainted and new road signs installed to improve safety conditions in the area.

25 Oct 2012


Responsables de la concejalía

Sr. D. José Ramón González de Zárate Unamuno
Sr. D. José Ramón González de Zárate Unamuno
Espacio Público, Obras, Accesibilidad Universal, Movilidad, Limpieza Viaria y Ciclo del Agua