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Toni Pérez with the delegation of Santa Susanna City Council.

A delegation from Santa Susanna City Council, in Barcelona coastal region of El Maresme, this morning took an institu

9 Jul 2020
The City Council delivers masks to the population over 65 on Wednesday.

Benidorm City Council is carrying out this Wednesday, July 8, "another distribution of masks among the population ove

7 Jul 2020
The king and the Queen of Spain in Benidorm.

"Massive, respectful and loving." This is how the mayor, Toni Pérez, has defined the reception that Benidorm has give

6 Jul 2020
The King Felipe and the Queen Letizia visit Benidorm on their institutional tour to boost tourism.

Within the trips that the king Felipe and the Queen Letizia are making, after the lifting of the state of alarm, they

3 Jul 2020
The municipal program 'Menjadors a casa' continues during the month of July.

The municipal program 'Menjadors a casa', promoted by Benidorm City Council, will continue during the month of July,

2 Jul 2020


Responsables de la concejalía

Sr. D. Antonio Pérez Pérez
Sr. D. Antonio Pérez Pérez
Alcaldía y Turismo