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Iván Cavero receives 'Benidorm con tu corazón' award promoted by the association Sponsors Science.

The scientist Francis Mojica and the athlete Jesús España have given him the award for his thesis on 'Hemoglobin glyc

5 Nov 2018
Benidorm hosts the first International Health Fair this weekend.

The councillor Ana Pellicer has presented today, along with Javier Díaz, president of the Spanish Association against

29 Oct 2018
Benidorm joins the Movember campaign against cancer and male depression

Movember is a solidarity initiative that makes November the month of awareness about prostate, testicular and male de

24 Oct 2018
Anti-influenza vaccination campaign for over 60s, caregivers and professionals.

Next Thursday, October 25, the José Llorca Linares Social Center hosts, from 4:00 p.m.

18 Oct 2018
The members of clubs may donate blood, marrow and food.

The Association of Penyes of Benidorm launches for the second time this year, 'Festa de la Solidaritat', a solidarity

12 Sep 2018
Benidorm receives a grant from the Provincial Council of more than 10,000 euros to sterilize colonies of stray cats.

Benidorm City Council has received a grant from the Provincial Council of Alicante of 10,252.50 euros to perform ster

20 Aug 2018


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