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The Municipal Market shows the new Christmas decoration designed by students of the IES Pere Maria Orts i Bosch.

First and second year students of the Technical Degree in Commercial Activities of the IES Pere Maria Orts i Bosch, f

10 Dec 2018
The Contest of Christmas Dressing organized by Commerce celebrates its XXV edition.

The councilman of Commerce, Ana Pellicer, today presented the twenty-fifth edition of the Christmas Window Dressing C

3 Dec 2018
The shops of Alameda street are added to 'Benidorm fet a mà'.

The promotion campaign of the traditional commerce 'Benidorm fet a mà' organized by the Councils of Commerce and Empl

23 Nov 2018
‘Benidorm fet a mà’ arrives at El Cruce

The promotional campaign of the traditional trade 'Benidorm fet a mà', carried out jointly by the councils of Commerc

5 Nov 2018
The commerce on Mediterráneo Avenue is interested in the project and the start of the works.

The new season of the traditional commerce promotion campaign of the Department of Commerce 'Benidorm fet a mà' (BFM)

25 Oct 2018
The traditional commerce promotional campaign 'Benidorm fet a mà' starts in Avenida del Mediterráneo.

The second season of the traditional commerce promotional campaign 'Benidorm fet a mà' has started this morning with

18 Oct 2018


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