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Una treintena de personas asisten al curso que Playas y Mundomar han realizado sobre varamiento de delfines

Al curso, que se ha impartido en el Aula de Formación de la sede de la Policía Local, en la calle Grecia, han asistid

10 May 2013

The beaching of a dolphin last 13 February on the beach of Levante, served to confirm and realize the need for this t

30 Apr 2013
The City Council and the Harbour Master's office inform about the operation on the beaches for high season

The objective of the meeting was the installation of markers that will be located in Rincón de Loix in order to avoi

14 Mar 2013
 Benidorm beaches get quality certificates ISO 9001 and 14001 and the 'Q' for its beaches quality

The certificates were presented by the Northwest Regional Area responsible for Certification Systems, Esteve Regales,

19 Feb 2013
 Screening tasks and leveling of sand on the beaches have begun for an optimal  hygienic and healthy condition.

The Department of Beaches and Environment of the City has ​​withdrawn all the furniture located on the beaches, such

17 Jan 2013
 The Department of Beaches and Environment has removed 150 kilos of waste from the walls of  Punta Canfali

These works fall within the special cleaning activities being carried out by the commercial RA Benidorm along the yea

28 Nov 2012


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