Volunteering initiatives of Benidorm City Council, #RAC, essential in the first 2 weeks of action against the health crisis

Benidorm maintains all services to meet needs and opens telephone lines with citizens
Volunteering initiatives of Benidorm City Council, #RAC, essential in the first 2 weeks of action against the health crisis.
Volunteering initiatives of Benidorm City Council, #RAC, essential in the first 2 weeks of action against the health crisis.

The mayor appreciates the work of all municipal departments, volunteers, collaborators, neighborhood associations and individuals

When the first two weeks of the Alarm Status period are completed due to the health crisis caused by Covid-19, Benidorm City Council highlights the great welcome that the volunteering initiatives has had for the Collective Aid Network (#RAC) , determining to reach everyone and serve the maximum number of people, along the lines of all the municipal departments that have planned the personnel operation and maintain face-to-face and telework teams.

The Collective Aid Network (#RAC) volunteering already has more than 300 volunteers who altruistically and selflessly collaborate with the City Council and are managed through the numbers 900 701 322 and 900 10 12 15, operating every day From 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., to answer any questions regarding the initiative, attend to people who need help to fill out the forms for joining the #RAC program or who lack the means or technical or computer knowledge to process their participation in it. . Through #RAC more than a hundred requests for help have already been met.

From the City Council, these days, the attention to citizens is carried out from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. through telephone services of the departments and, permanently, through the electronic headquarters (sede.benidorm.org) where to carry out procedures or email incidencias@benidorm.org also for incidents.

Social care is carried out in all the centers of the Department of Social Welfare-central offices in Pintor Lozano street and Social Centers "Llorca Llinares", "Tanit" and "La Torreta" - attending to the needs of families with economic difficulties and inconveniences for leaving home, depending on the files and cases detected, and which were previously under follow-up, as well as the emergency SAD home help service for people with great vulnerability. The Councilor Angela Llorca has stressed that "continue to process social emergency aid (PEI) and Home Help (PAAD)." Early Attention Service has carried out 157 telephone follow-ups on minors and families, offering guidance and motivation to parents to continue working at home with minors while the confinement lasts.

Attention to citizens is the main and only argument for action in all municipal departments and in all of them "operational normality is total, thanks to the effort and coordination of municipal teams and volunteers," said Mayor Toni Pérez.

Extraordinary action has been to enable "Raúl Mesa" Pavilion, on Friday, March 20, to house homeless people who previously were housed in a hostel that had to close according to the measures of Royal Decree 464/2020. Temporary Accommodation serves 38 people, covering their social and nutritional needs thanks to the purchase and donation of food.

The mayor thanked "the staff of all municipal areas for their effort and coordination, #RAC volunteers for their delivery, and the contributions and collaborations of the Red Cross, Civil Protection, Local and National Police, individuals, neighborhood associations and business groups "

Toni Pérez highlighted, after this summary, "the teamwork of all the councils" noting that "from minute one we took actions to protect citizens" and that "measures are taken in all municipal areas and in a coordinated manner" to make more effective the scope of the powers of the local Administration.