Underage athletes may attend training sessions and competitions accompanied by an adult

Hygiene and protection measures contemplated in Covid19 protocols must be strictly complied with
Underage athletes may attend training sessions and competitions accompanied by an adult.
Underage athletes may attend training sessions and competitions accompanied by an adult.

The Resolution of March 25, 2021, by Consellería de Sanidad Universal y Salud Pública makes it possible for underage athletes to attend training sessions and competitions accompanied by an adult. This measure will be in force until April 12, 2021.

The companions must remain in the public stands or in the assigned place, preferably seated and at all times respecting the safety distance between other people and all must strictly follow the hygiene and protection measures contemplated in the Covid 19 protocols.

It will be a condition to be fulfilled, the resolution states, that athletes and companions appear in the lists that clubs must present in sports facilities to facilitate access for both.

It is also pointed out that in training, the free practice of physical and sporting activity is limited to 4 people, without physical contact and respecting the safety distance and health prevention measures; the physical and sports activity directed by a professional, may be carried out in groups of maximum 10 people, without physical contact and maintaining the safety distance and the health measures of prevention and training of the federated sport and / or the Community sports Games Valenciana, they can be developed, always in stable groups and without contact with other groups. These same measures prevail for covered installations.

In sports competitions these measures are maintained and it is proposed that for trips to localities and facilities, collective transport is avoided as much as possible.

From the Sports Department of Benidorm City Council, it is highlighted that reservations for subscribers and the public in the facilities must be made previously through the sports website or, failing that, through the phones of the Sports Department 966815472 or 966831050 (ext 2132-2133) from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Likewise, all clubs are reminded of the need to send lists of teams and athletes; and in the case of minor athletes, that of adult companions. These lists will not be able to be modified during the time of application of the norm (until April 12), since the same Resolution indicates that the groups must be stable and cannot have contact with other training and competition groups, either from the same sports discipline or different from it, being the clubs responsible for compliance with Covid 19 measures, standards and protocols and those established by the Department of Sports, says the Resolution.

The use of the changing rooms is in accordance with the measures already in force. The use of the showers continues without authorization, with the exception of national competitions or that allow promotion and / or classification to national championships.

And as for the presence of the public, this is only authorized in national competitions, the Resolution of December 5, 2020 being in force, which establishes the maximum capacity at 150 people, being the Department of Public Health the one that can authorize the exceptionality of that resolution

Finally, the Sports Department of the Benidorm City Council reminds that the curfew is still in force at 10 p.m., with which all sports activities will end at 9.30 p.m., and that the use of a mask and respect for the physical safety distance, strongly recommending frequent hand washing and / or disinfection.