Special effort on roads of Rincón de Loix

Taking advantage of the situation, works are being carried out on sidewalks in Paris and Ibiza streets, with channeling of services and accessibility improvements
Special effort on roads of Rincón de Loix.
Special effort on roads of Rincón de Loix.

Benidorm renews and adapts public roads, without neglecting attention to people and the health of workers

Adapting Benidorm for when it is possible to resume tourist activity with full intensity, the municipal works brigades are executing various actions throughout the city and especially in Rincón de Loix area which, due to the current situation of stoppage of tourist activity, of having the pressure of road traffic and especially of pedestrian traffic which facilitates these actions and with which minimal inconvenience to citizens is achieved.

The actions are being carried out, specified by councilor José Ramón González de Zárate, “on Paris and Ibiza streets, in Rincón de Loix” while adopting specific health safety measures by the workers.

In the works that are carried out "in the streets of foreign tourism", the sidewalks are being raised "for their renewal with the undertaking of the channeling of services and laying of new flooring", with special attention to "hotel entrances and other establishments ”. At the same time, the councilor stressed, "actions are being carried out to improve accessibility with lugs."

These works are part of the general operation of adaptation and improvement of the city for when tourist activity recovers, with the aim of being able to offer a renewed city, more accessible and with greater capacity to be lived, very much in the objective of promoting #BenidormTeEspera with which all the performances are being planned in recent months.

All the actions, González de Zárate insisted, "are complemented by those of a social nature, of attention to people", which the city council continues to develop to maintain the social fabric of the city.

The councilor recalled that in these operations "the health safety of municipal workers is also paramount" who act in specific crews of workers, with very specific tasks and areas, who go to them directly and who maintain health safety protocols.

These actions will take place shortly, with the same objective and identical procedures, on Mallorca Street.