Some 9,300 students start classes at schools and high schools of Benidorm

Normality at the start of the 2017/2018 academic year, which adds a new 2-year-old children's unit at Mestre Gaspar López school
Education, Toni Pérez, beginning of the course.
Education, Toni Pérez, beginning of the course.
Return to activity at all school levels, including training cycles

About 9,300 students from Pre-school Education to Bachelor and training courses have started today at schools and high schools supported by public funds in Benidorm. The day of start of the school year 2018/2019 has been lived "normally", as reported by the mayor, Toni Pérez, who this morning has attended the beginning of classes at the public school Mestre Gaspar López, in which the City Council has invested just over 47,000 euros to adapt the spaces needed for the new 2-year-old nursery unit set up by the Regional Ministry. p>

In total, in the 2nd cycle of Pre-school and Primary Education, the classes have just begun with more than 5,020 students; to which are added the 69 that between now and the next few days will be incorporated into the P-2 classrooms at Mestre Gaspar López, Aitana, Vasco Núñez de Balboa and Puig Campana schools, and the 22 kindergartens of the same age and the three municipal nursery schools and the SAPI Nanets. p>

In addition, more than 2,300 students have returned to the classrooms in Secondary; about 700, in Bachelor; and more than 1,200 in medium, superior and basic professional training cycles. p>

The mayor, who also manages the area of Education, has indicated that "the progressive incorporation of students", especially in Secondary Education, has meant that the first day of the course has been lived with tranquility "in the access to educational centers "; and added that "we hope that the Ministry of Education will solve promptly the vacancy coverage" of the teaching staff and "the works that are pending and that are of its exclusive competence", such as IES Pere Mª Orts i Bosch or the CEIP Vasco Núñez de Balboa.

In this regard, he recalled that the City Council - "asking for that competition" - has been responsible for "the classroom adaptation of two years of Mestre Gaspar López" as well as the rest of spaces to serve this new unit . Specifically, a classroom was adapted in the Children's pavillion, corrections have been corrected for the slopes of the playground to prevent the stagnation of water on rainy days; a smooth concrete treatment has been given to the entire side and rear of the classroom; the rubber in one of the game zones has been replaced; a specific area has been created with a security perimeter for students of 2 years; and the bases of the trees in the yard have been reduced and fixed to prevent falls. p>

Apart from this action, improvements and works have been carried out in the public centers of Benidorm. Thus, the Department of Education has invested more than 300,000 euros in actions already developed, in the process of execution or that are close to take place in nursery schools and primary schools, Conservatory of Music and Dance, and facilities of the UNED. To these actions are added the repairs and improvements made by the Municipal Technical Services and the concessionary company for the cleaning of public buildings -OHL- in eleven schools in the city. p>

The mayor clarified that "we have prioritized works that affected schooling", and announced that "it will continue to act in the maintenance of the centers in the coming months". p>

(Note: To the students of the centers supported with public funds, about more than 700 students of the private school Lope de Vega are added) p>