Sant Pere street will be made pedestrian at the end of the month

Today work to improve the stormwater network has begun and make a street without pavements like Tomás Ortuño street
Sant Pere street will be made pedestrian at the end of the month.
Sant Pere street will be made pedestrian at the end of the month.

Before the month of July starts, Sant Pere street will be made pedestrian. This was announced by the Councilor for Works, José Ramón González de Zárate, who reported that today, Wednesday, June 3, work began to configure a single-platform street, following the model of Tomás Ortuño or the section of Sant Pere recently made a pedestrian street.

In this case, this action "also incorporates a significant improvement in the hydraulic network", since "all the storm drains of the buildings are going to be connected to the public network, so that once the street is pedestrian, there will be no flooding in rainy days ”. A performance that, in addition, will put an end to the odor problems that were registered in the area during episodes of heavy rainfall.

De Zárate has indicated that although the intention was not to start new works on public roads in this phase of the restrictions lifting "so as not to inconvenience citizens and establishments", it has been chosen to make an exception with Sant Pere street since " We are going to promote a pedestrian boulevard where citizens can walk with more interpersonal distance and in which hospitality establishments will have more space for their terraces before the beginning of July. ”

In fact, in the section of Sant Pere between La Costera del Campo and Maravall streets, there are four hotels, a block of tourist apartments and five bars.

The councillor has emphasized that "we have adjusted the planning of the work to the maximum so that it is finished before June 27" so that "the first week of July residents, tourists and establishments can already enjoy the benefits of this pedestriian street" . A work, he recalled, that "was agreed in full many years ago", specifically in 2011.

De Zárate has meant that "once these works have been carried out, we will have a pedestrian boulevard and fully accessible from Almendros street to La Armada Española Avenue", since the final stretch of Sant Pere from the intersection with Maravall is a pedestrian area since the beginning of May.

Traffic conditions

This action will be carried out in two phases. The first will last from Wednesday to Friday and will be located in the street collector Alcalde José Such, which will be closed to traffic. While this traffic cut lasts, vehicles will circulate along Sant Pere street. Subsequently and until the end of the month, the works are transferred to Sant Pere Street, which will be closed to traffic. Vehicles must be diverted by Alcalde José Such or Costera del Campo streets.