The 'Resident Zone' is extended to Rincón de Loix with more than 200 parking spaces

These places are located near Ametlla del Mar Avenue and 'Antonio López' football fields
The 'Resident Zone' is extended to Rincón de Loix with more than 200 parking spaces.
The 'Resident Zone' is extended to Rincón de Loix with more than 200 parking spaces.

Benidorm has added more than 800 new registrants in a month

The exclusive parking area for residents has been extended to Rincón de Loix, where from next week more than 200 seats will be converted into parking reserved only for people registered in Benidorm, as reported today by the Councilor for Mobility, José Ramón González de Zárate. These 'Resident Zone' is located "near Ametlla del Mar and Estocolmo avenues" and in "next to Antonio López 'football fields".

De Zárate has indicated that it is "the area where we the neighbors have claimed more for these places" the implementation of a parking reserved for residents, as it is a neighborhood with a lot of tourist accommodation and car rental companies that consume much of the existing places.

Specifically, the new 'Resident Zone' will operate on Monaco Avenue, Estocolmo - between Amsterdam and Paris - Amsterdam and Paris - both on the stretches between Ametlla del Mar and Estocolmo - Roma Street - between Monaco and Estocolmo - and Zamora -Between Almirall Bernat de Sarrià and the pedestrian access to Antonio López football fields- and its extension. It is expected that next week the vertical signage that will be marked.

The councillor has pointed out that the conversion of these more than 200 places will coexist in the neighborhood with different types of parking: the exclusive for residents, the regulated with blue zone and free parking. About the latter, he recalled that next to the sports area 'Antonio López', on the plot where the future health center of Rincón de Loix is ​​planned, there is a free parking.

De Zárate recalled that in order to park in the 'Resident Zone' it is necessary to obtain the specific adhesive card, which must be placed on the windshield. To access this card you only have to be registered in Benidorm, be the owner of a small van or car and pay the vehicle tax in the city.

These cards will continue to be processed and delivered to the administrative extension of Colonia Madrid, located on Avenida de Beniardá 17. Until April 30 this extension will also open in the afternoons from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm and on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. It has also been advanced that "in the near future" the protocol will be made public for the issuance of the adhesive card for vehicles of companies or in a regime of 'renting' or 'leasing'; and he has remembered that any query or doubt can be transferred to the e-mail address

On the other hand, has influenced the creation of the 'Resident Zone' is translating into an increase in the pattern of Benidorm. In fact, in the last month 836 new registrations have been registered.

In the first weeks of operation of the 'Resident Zone', the Local Police has found that in some streets there are free places, thus making it easier for the neighbors to park when they return to their homes. An increase in occupancy has also been detected in the park-and-ride parking facility closest to Colonia Madrid and the upper part of the Center.