The 'Resident Zone' arrives in mid-May at La Cala with about 300 parking spaces

These places are located in Santander Street, in a section of Uruguay and Cuba streets, and around social housing
The 'Resident Zone' arrives in mid-May at La Cala with about 300 parking spaces.
The 'Resident Zone' arrives in mid-May at La Cala with about 300 parking spaces.

Benidorm has added more than 1,200 new registrants since the resident's sticker card began to be processed

Since mid-May, La Cala district will also have around 300 parking spaces exclusively for residents. The councilman of Mobility, José Ramón González de Zárate, has reported today the streets of La Cala chosen by municipal technicians to implement the 'Resident Zone'. A choice, he remarked, that has been made by ensuring the balance between the different types of parking: exclusive for residents, the regulated blue zone during the summer, from June 1-and free parking area.

Santander Street, which concentrates a lot of commerce, restaurants and apartments and has 70 parking spaces, will become 'Residents' Zone', as well as some streets around social housing for young and old people. Specifically, the sections of Langreo Street between Secretario Antonio Baldoví and Luís Prendes streets are converted into places for residents; those of the so-called A6-D street; and the public parking located next to the homes for the elderly and La Cala park; in Xixo area, located on Cuba Avenue at its confluence with Xixo, and the section of Uruguay that runs between Paraguay and Nicaragua streets.

The municipal technicians are already studying the implementation of exclusive parking also in the area of Ensanche de Levante.

To be able to park in the 'Resident Zone' it is necessary to obtain the specific adhesive card, which must be placed on the windshield. To access this card you only have to be registered in Benidorm, be the owner of a small van or van and pay the vehicle tax in the city. He also recalled that starting on May 2 will begin to process the cards so that company vehicles can park in 'Residents' Zone' under the same conditions. In order to obtain this card, companies must prove documentally that they have their tax domicile in Benidorm and that they pay in the city the circulation tax (IVTM) of those vehicles.

These cards will continue to be processed and delivered to the administrative extension of Colonia Madrid, located on Avenida de Beniardá 17. Until April 30 this extension will also open in the afternoons from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm and on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

According to figures provided by the Statistics department, since the card was first processed to park in the residents area at the beginning of March, "more than 1,200 new registrations" have been registered, without counting the births, which will have a positive impact on the contributions the City Council will receive from the State in 2020.

In total, there are already more than 3,500 parking spaces converted into 'Resident Zone' in Colonia Madrid, Centro, Rincón de Loix and La Cala. Remember that in the lower part of the center opf the city the 'Resident Zone' will begin to operate on May 6.