More than 350 swimmers complete the XVII Popular Crossing Illa-Port de Benidorm

Haigor Aranguren and Eliana Sotelo revalidate their victory in men's and women's category
More than 350 swimmers complete the XVII Popular Crossing Illa-Port de Benidorm.
More than 350 swimmers complete the XVII Popular Crossing Illa-Port de Benidorm.

More than 350 swimmers have completed this morning the XVII Popular Crossing to swim the Illa-Port of Benidorm, a test organized by the City of Benidorm with the collaboration of the Yacht Club and which has become an unmissable event for athletes of all Valencian Community.

The test started at 08:30 hours from the island of Benidorm. Something less than 45 minutes later, and with Mal Pas beach full of spectators, Haigor Aranguren crossed the finish line, independent swimmer and winner of the race for the fifth consecutive year with a time of 44.21 minutes. About eight minutes later, the local swimmer Eliana Sotelo, from the Aguaviva Club, who revalidated the triumph in the Absolute Women category.

The audience has received applause from the more than 350 participants who have reached the goal and who for the first time have made the test using the location and safety buoys. Some swimmers among which were the acting mayor, Ana Pellicer, and the Councilor for Sports, Arturo Cabrillo.

Subsequently, medals were handed out in the eleven categories at the Club Náutico facilities, under the responsibility of the acting mayor, the sports councilor and Eduardo Revert, on behalf of this entity.

The classifications in the different categories have been the following:

Absolute Masculine

1. Haigor Aranguren. Independent. 44'21 minutes

2. (Shared) David Navarro. Eldense Hiking Club. 47'54 minutes.

3. (Shared) Jonah Marin. CD Finisher 47.54 minutes.

Absolute Feminine

Eliana Sotelo. Living Water. 52.29 minutes.
María Irene Granell. CN Swedish. 1'02'31.
Silvia de la Hoz. MN Tomelloso. 1'02'50.

Senior A Male

1. Haigor Aranguren. Independent.

2. David Navarro. Eldense Hiking Club.

3. Carlos Torrá. Top-Ten

Senior A Female

Ana Hernández RC7.
Angela Llorca. Elite Bikes Albir Team.
Ana Moreno Aquatic Alicante.

Senior B Male

Iván Palacios. Independent.
Juan Martin. CD Finisher
Samuel Vidal. Club Natació Alcoi.

Senior B Female

Eliana Sotelo. Aguaviva.
Silvia de la Hoz. MN Tomelloso.
Marisa Michelle Elite Bikes Albir Team.

Veterans A

Jonah Marin. CD Finisher
César Hernández. Athletics Apolana.
Andrés Alfaro. Alpha Swimming Club.

Veterans A

Gisela Caimi . Aguaviva.
Isabel Santacreu. CN Malilla.
Esther García. Independent.

Veterans B

José Miguel Lozano. Club Masters Arena Alicante.
David J. Pomares. Independent.
Felix Jimenez. Naturalswim.

Veterans B

María Irene Granell. CN Swedish.
Nicola Murphy. Club Villa of Torre Pacheco.
Barbara Notary. RC7.

Veterans C

Fabián Villena. CD Finisher
Juan Carlos Gualda. CN Master Albacete.
Edwin Ruijter. CC San Vicente.

Veterans C

Vicki Connolly Elche Club Swimming.
Nieves Alcaráz. Swimming CDUPV.
Elena Borja. Swimming Club Patacona.

Veterans D

Juan Ignacion Lillo. Trischoll Cuenca.
José Francisco Navarro. Manatees
Jaime Girbes. CN Swedish.

Veterans D

Marina Navarro Breakwater.
Graciela García Dangerous jellyfish.
Mª José Roche. GREN The Pantà.

+ 60 years old Male

Diego Cortés. Independent.
Camilo Miralles. Aperalcoi
Paul Matthews CN Master Murcia.

+ 60 years old Female

Beryl Altabas. Elche Club NAtación.
Reyes Borrachero. Independent.

Male Local

Jonah Marin CD Finisher
Juan Martin. CD Finisher
David Gálvez. Independent.

Female Local

Eliana Sotelo. Aguaviva.
Angela Llorca. Elite Bikes Albir.
Barbara Note. RC7.

Functional diversity

David J. Pomares. Independent.
Alejandro Cano Independent.

Club with more participants who have crossed the finish