The mayor presents the experience of Benidorm as DTI in a summer course of the UIMP

Benidorm stars in an exhibition panel of the Smart Tourist Destinations Meeting, which is held for two days in Santander and is organized by SEGITTUR
The mayor presents the experience of Benidorm as DTI in a summer course of the UIMP.
The mayor presents the experience of Benidorm as DTI in a summer course of the UIMP.

The mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez, has participated this morning in the Smart Tourist Destinations Meeting that during 15 and 16 SEGITTUR organized in Santander, framed within the courses of the Menéndez Pelayo International University (UIMP) of the Cantabrian capital. The objective of the meeting is to improve the competitiveness of the DTI and provide them with a tool for the continuous improvement of their management.

At noon, in the central conference of the day, 'The importance of standardization in smart destinations', the mayor has exposed the experience of Benidorm in the development and implementation of the DTI, as a model of success, with the director of UNE Normalization Programs, Paloma López.

Pérez stressed that "the outstanding role" of Benidorm within this exhibition panel "allows us to show the strength of a destination that is a leader not only in the sun and beach segment, but also in the digital transformation", as well as transferring it has been "the roadmap" undertaken in 2016 and that has led the city to "achieve the goal of being the first certified intelligent tourist destination in the world". A milestone that "in addition to repositioning us as a brand and as a destination, has an important reputation value, because Benidorm is present in those forums where tourism and intelligence are discussed at the service of tourism and society", as is the case of "The prestigious courses" of the UIMP.

The mayor has also indicated that "sharing" these two days of course also means an opportunity "to learn" from the other speakers and experiences.

The program of the course has included today a presentation of the president of SEGITTUR, Enrique Martínez, on the model of territory DTI; while the director of the meeting, Edurne Vidal, has addressed the applied methodology.

Among the participants of the course are Adolfo Borrero, president of the Smart City commission of AMETIC, the director of the DTI Project of SEGITTUR, Andrés Fernández, and the coordinator of the DTI working group, John Mora. Their experiences in different areas of the process will also be presented by the municipalities of Santander, San Sebastián and Salou, the service directors of, PREDIF and AMETIC and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces together with the heads of departments and research teams such as those of the INVAT.TUR, with headquarters in Benidorm.

The format of the meeting is composed of keynote speeches that will allow to know in more detail the subject to be presented and dialogues that will combine the theoretical framework and success cases in destinations. Finally, a technical visit will be made to the Smart City Demonstration Center of Santander.

SEGITTUR acts as manager and promoter of the methodology -and its application- and generates value through the Smart Tourist Destinations Network. In practice, it is about incorporating new technologies and innovation into work processes, always at the service of sustainability and accessibility objectives, in a governance model that seeks efficiency, transparency and participation. And that's where the example of Benidorm comes in, that the mayor has exposed, focusing the success of the city and its beaches as the first certified DTI in the world.