The Library Network of Benidorm doubles the average daily visits of the national group

Its stock grows almost 10% annually when the national average is 1’69% and the number of daily loans also doubles the national average
The Library Network of Benidorm doubles the average daily visits of the national group.
The Library Network of Benidorm doubles the average daily visits of the national group.

The Network of Libraries of Benidorm, which make up the Central Library, Rincón de Loix Library and Biblioplayas (1 in winter and 3 in summer), has achieved excellent results in the latest statistical summary published by the Ministry of Culture and Sports , corresponding to the year 2017, which highlights the good management and the magnificent acceptance by the users, residents and tourists, of the services of the Network.

The Benidorm Libraries far exceed the standards of funds, visits and loans of provincial, regional and national libraries.

As for the chapter on funds and collections, the Network of Libraries of Benidorm maintains a growth of 9'69%, compared to 3.22% of libraries in the province of Alicante, 2.2% of libraries in the Community Valencia or 1.69% of the national scope.

The funds of the Network of Libraries of Benidorm include books, DVDs, CDs, computer games, magazines and daily newspapers that are increased exponentially to continue maintaining the loyalty of its large network of partners. Account with own funds of the Department of Cultural Historical Patrimony, whose holder is the first lieutenant of Mayor Ana Pellicer, and subsidies of the Department of Culture that allow to undertake an ambitious program of actuality in all the cultural fields.

The Central Library opens, in this month of August, from 9 am to 2 pm. Already in September the opening hours will be from 9 to 20 hours, uninterrupted, also having the main rooms of a Study room and three work group rooms. The Rincon Library maintains morning hours and the Biblioplayas are open from 11 am to 4 pm.

Important chapters are visits to the Library Network and cultural loans per day. Again the libraries of Benidorm stand out. The average number of daily visits to each of its centers is 227, compared to 103 visits / day of the libraries of provincial scope, 87 of the autonomous area or 101 visits / day of those of national scope.

As for loans per day of service, the Library Network of Benidorm achieves another milestone by reaching an average of 103 in each of its libraries, compared to 43 in the province of Alicante, 38 in the Valencian Community or 45 loans / Average day of national libraries. In this section, add that the average number of loans served by each worker of the Benidorm Library Network was 24'97 per day of service and that they also exceed 16'61 in the libraries of the province, 16'79 of the Valencian Community or the 19'03 loans per worker and average day of the public libraries of the Spanish State.

These figures, said the councilor, "give us a real perspective of the acceptance of the services and facilities of the Network of Libraries of Benidorm and highlight the excellent work of officials"

Ana Pellicer stressed the importance given to the Children's Area of ​​the Library, “with dedicated staff and furniture to attend and serve the concerns of the little ones, getting not only arouse interest in reading in the room but increase, year after year, the number of loans for children and youth literature, as well as elements of Audiovisual ”.