The JGL tender the project of 'Universal Accessibility' for nearly 2 million euros

The project, co-financed by the Provincial Council, includes the integral renovation of Elche Park and activities of asphalting, pavements, road safety and accessibility and in public buildings
The JGL tender the project of 'Universal Accessibility' for nearly 2 million euros.
The JGL tender the project of 'Universal Accessibility' for nearly 2 million euros.

The Local Government Board of Benidorm has approved the tender for the project 'Improvement of universal accessibility and sustainability' for an amount of 1,992,000 euros. This project is co-funded by the Provincial Council of Alicante and includes six lines of action, including the comprehensive renovation of Elche Park, valued at just over 700,000 euros. The Councilor for Works, José Ramón González de Zárate has indicated that "the rest of the lines foresee actions in practically the whole city, referring to asphalt, road access, sidewalks plan, security and accessibility in public municipal buildings".

De Zárate explained that "this project is the largest investment made by this City Council in a single specific plan linked to accessibility and sustainability", and added that "when planning it we have taken into account the suggestions and proposals that we have moved from the Neighborhood Council, and different social groups or groups of the municipal corporation.

On the integral renovation of Elche Park, the project foresees "maintaining the current appearance of paths" even though incorporating the same imitation material of pipeclay in Foietes Park; the installation of rainwater network - of which it lacks - to avoid accumulation of water; the reform of the ramps and access stairs to the beach; renovate the luminaires with 'led' technology and the gardening areas "conserving the trees"; fix with masonry the wall that separates the park from the sand; and to change the aesthetics of the promenade area giving continuity to the colored pavement of the Paseo de Poniente.

With regard to the rest of the programs, the Asphalting Plan is endowed with 681,148.25 euros, and it will act on Beniardá Avenue, with special attention to the section that connects with the first roundabout of the CV-70, the height of the Potable Water Treatment Station (ETAP). De Zárate has indicated that this action complements others recently carried out in the area, such as the asphalting of Beniardá Avenue or the parking for more than 1,000 vehicles, which will now be expanded to 1,200 or 1,300; and has remarked that with all these actions in the area "we comply with the agreement we reached with the Neighborhood Council and AICO to make a commercial boulevard to reach the future shopping center." This Asphalting Plan will also be deployed in the streets of La Cala located in El Tossal.

On the other hand, it will complete the accessibility "of the central almond of Benidorm", acting on Los Almendros Avenue and all pending intersections; l'Aigüera Avenue with the streets Hondo and Rioja and Primavera street with SSMM los Reyes de España Square; and on Alfonso Puchades Avenue and Fluixá Street. This plan is endowed with 139,370 euros.

As for the Sidewalks Plan, which reaches 150,811 euros, the most important action affects the high section of Esperanto Street, the one between Gerona and Doctor Orts Llorca - both recently renewed. Specifically, it will be proceeded with the renovation of the 100 meters of pavement, as well as the renewal of the water and lighting network. The low section of the street, the councillor recalled, is included in the remodeling project of the avenue of the Mediterranean.

In the chapter on Security, endowed with 179,412 euros, access control has been planned mainly at the most sensitive points; while in the Plan to improve Accessibility to buildings - which amounts to 48,375 euros - it will reach all municipal public buildings and will focus on the construction of ramps and / or installation of automatic doors.

Once the tender has been approved, it will be published in the Contractor's Profile. The companies will have 20 days to present their offers.

De Zárate has reported that all these actions must be carried out "before November 2019", so it is "possible that some actions have to be done in the summer"; something for which the mayor has apologized in advance to those affected, remembering that the improvements that are going to be carried out are significant.