The fourth Participatory Budget breaks records when registering 57 proposals

The Assembly for the defense and voting of the projects will be this Thursday, September 27, at José Llorca Linares social center at 7:00 p.m.
The fourth Participatory Budget breaks records when registering 57 proposals.
The fourth Participatory Budget breaks records when registering 57 proposals.

For the fourth consecutive year the neighbors will decide where to allocate at least 5% of the investment budget

The Participatory Budget of 2019 has broken records, as so far 57 proposals have been registered, to which exceptionally others may be added during the Assembly called for this Thursday, September 27, at the social center José Llorca Linares at 7:00 p.m. . The Councilor for Citizen Participation, Mª Jesús Pinto; and the 1st and 2nd vice-presidents of the Neighborhood Council, Fernando Montes and Christian Corraini, confirmed that this fourth edition of the Participatory Budgeting is "the one that has received the most proposals", fundamentally linked to the area of ​​Mobility, Urbanism, Urban Scene and Accessibility with a total of 42 suggestions.

The Councilor for Participation recalled that through this participatory instrument "it is the residents of Benidorm who decide directly to which projects to allocate a part of the investment budget, at least 5%"; a percentage that always ends up exceeding. In fact, "in 2018 the amount of the Participatory Budget reached 420,000 euros", surpassing that 5%, something that also happened the previous year.

Pinto has invited citizens "to continue participating in this process", aimed at "making a better Benidorm above all".

According to the information transferred by the 1st vice president of the neighborhood body, for the area of ​​Equality, Social Welfare, Health and Senior Citizens four proposals have been received; and five, linked to the Environment and Street Cleaning. On the other hand, the areas of Tourism, Beaches and Public Security have three proposals; the same ones that have been presented for Education, Culture, Youth and Sports.

All these proposals will be defended and voted on at the Assembly next Thursday, in which there will also be the possibility of presenting new instances, in writing or 'in voce'. In any case, Montes has recommended to the citizens that they transfer their proposals by registration - in the Town Hall or in the administrative extensions - in order to have a security and guarantee of their presentation.

The 1st Vice-president of the Neighborhood Council has informed that this Assembly is "the beginning of the process" that will culminate in the Participatory Budget of 2019, since in the course of the meeting the volunteers will be designated who will conform "the mixed commission that It is in charge of the second prioritization "of the proposals, and what is done" based on criteria of distributive justice ".

Montes has shown his satisfaction because "nearby towns are beginning the process of participatory budgets" thus following the path opened by Benidorm; whereas Christian Corraini has highlighted quantitative "evolution" that he has experienced. Thus, it has gone from 90,000 euros of the first edition of the Participatory Budget to 420,000 of the third.