The Councilor for Commerce encourages the sector to participate in the local trade survey

The objective is to know the reality and evolution, semester to semester, as well as the incidence of the elements that influence the development of the commercial activity
The Councilor for Commerce encourages the sector to participate in the local trade survey.
The Councilor for Commerce encourages the sector to participate in the local trade survey.

The Department of Commerce of the City of Benidorm has enabled on the municipal website a survey so that the holders of commercial activity in Benidorm can answer a series of questions with which to prepare a study in order to analyze the situation and know the degree of satisfaction about the commercial activity of the city semester to semester.

The questionnaire, hosted in the Commerce and Industry section of the municipal website will be available throughout the month of September in the following link:

In collaboration among Benidorm-Visit Benidorm Tourism Foundation and local associations of merchants (AICO), bars, restaurants and cafes (ABRECA / COBRECA), and discos and night clubs (OCIOBAL) the Department of Commerce is interested in the positioning of the commercial activity premises in Social Networks and web environments as well as in the details of the activity throughout the day, as well as the week and the semester to be analyzed. Two surveys are done per year; biannual

The commercial situation and the business satisfaction are also taken into account as well as the external factors of incidence and influence in the commercial activity, which are also valued, as well as the evolution and trends perceived and projected. The survey also includes aspects of employment, activity changes and prices.

The objective of the same is to take the pulse of the commercial activity of the city and manage a series of data that through an exhaustive analysis of them, attending to the key indicators, with configure a panel with the commercial reality of the city to serve as a basis "to apply commercial revitalization actions," said Councilman Lorenzo Martínez, who encouraged "to participate in the cost to all entrepreneurs in Benidorm."

It will serve, Cervera insisted, "to meet tourists and their habits, periodically, and will help us, at a predictive level, to improve the management of the city."

 AICO, the main promoter of this initiative, it is considered that in this way the strengths and weaknesses of the sector will be better known, with which more efficient measures can be proposed to achieve greater competitiveness.

Having trade indicators will be basic, in the treatment of information as a Smart Tourist Destination, to work at a predictive level and to know, crossing them with other indicators that the Smart Office has, aspects of consumption and qualitative and quantitative evolution of local commerce.

The survey that will provide the data of the Study is among the postulates of the Strategic Plan of the Commercial Area of ​​Benidorm-DTI and in the initiatives of public-private collaboration developed by Benidorm City Hall.