The City Hall will enter again this year 20,000 euros for the Plaza de la Navidad


The successful tenderer requested more than two months ago the extension to which the tenderer is entitled by contract

Benidorm City Council will enter this year 20,000 euros on account for the installation of Plaza de la Navidad, which among other attractions includes an ice rink, amusement rides and activities for the little ones. The councilman of Fiestas, Jesús Carrobles, explained that "until last year the City Council did not enter a cent of euro for the Plaza de la Navidad and all the benefit was for the operating company."

Carrobles has responded to a press release issued by the spokespersons of the PSOE and Compromis, Rubén Martínez and Josep Bigorra, in which they claim that a new public competition to adjudicate Plaza de la Navidad, alluding to alleged deficiencies and breaches of the contract since the successful tenderer would not have requested the extension of the contract.

The responsible for Fiestas department has denied these extremes and recalled that "it was the PP government that for the first time in 2016 called a public contest to contract the assembly and operation of this leisure space, achieving an income of 20,000 euros for the coffers municipalities and regulating more if this activity fits. "

An income that "this year we will have again, because despite what they say PSOE and Compromis, more than two months ago the company asked to extend the contract, something to which it is entitled according to the specifications." Specifically the contract had a year of duration with the possibility of extending two others, at the request of the successful bidder, as it has happened.

In this regard, Carrobles has reported that the company requested in writing the extension on 26 July, something that could have been easily verified from the opposition. "It was enough," he pointed out, "that they had asked in Hiring, but it seems that the socialist spokesman, so unused to work, is making a world rise the plant that separates the offices of the PSPV-PSOE from that department." A department that endorses the entire process and status of the hiring.

Carrobles has deepened that "it is not the only thing in which both groups of the opposition lie, they also do it in assuring that the company failed last year some points of that sheet." "Had it been so," he stressed, "we would have imposed the relevant and regulated sanctions in the contract."

The councilman has said that "the only thing that moves the PSOE" to ask for a new public contest is "the hope that it will be another company that set up and install the Plaza de la Navidad." "We do not want to think - he slipped - that the intention is that the contract be in the hands of the company that obtained the second place in the public contest and that, according to the press released published at the time, would have worked for the PSOE in several election campaigns ".