The City Council will restore the Wind Rose in Martínez Alejos and Gambo streets

To reduce noise and environmental pollution, buses may not have the engines running for more than two minutes while they are stopped
Wind rose in Martínez Alejos.
Wind rose in Martínez Alejos.

Next Thursday the residents will be summoned to a meeting with municipal technicians to analyze the Mobility Ordinance.

One more Thursday, representatives of the city's neighborhood associations, sponsored by the Neighborhood Council, have been able to meet with their representatives in the City Council to analyze the situation in their neighborhoods, evaluate the actions carried out and make known to the municipal corporation new demands for the future.

The councilors for Citizen Participation and Mobility, Ana Pellicer and José Ramón González de Zárate, together with the vice presidents of the Neighborhood Council, Teresa Garrido and Manuel Sánchez Notario, have held a meeting at street level with delegates from the Casco associations Antiguo and del Calvari, among them, its presidents, Pepa Orozco and Paca Fuster.

Among the matters dealt with, the problems raised in the previous meeting on February 20, which affected, above all, cleanliness, noise or decoration were reviewed. In this sense, Pellicer has pointed out that "there is a long way to go and many actions carried out" but has insisted that "we will continue to influence and improve" in all these aspects.

During the morning, the mayor of Participación Ciudadana announced the renovation "in a few days" of the "emblematic" compass rose located at the confluence of Gambo and Martínez Alejos streets. Top quality marble will be used for the performance. This will revitalize one of the most visited and well-known spaces in the city.

For his part, González de Zárate, recalled that the modification of the Mobility Ordinance, approved by the municipal plenary session this past Monday, will respond, among others, to "one of the greatest demands" for years of the neighborhood movement of Benidorm: the noise of the bus engines that affects above all "two of the arteries adjacent to the center", such as Ruzafa and Los Almendros avenues.

Until now, when a bus kept the engine running while waiting, or loading or unloading passengers or luggage, "the smoke from the exhaust pipes rose to the neighbors' house" and noise was generated during the day or at odd hours. The only thing the Local Police could do, González de Zárate complained, was “ask the drivers to please turn off the engines”.

The new ordinance, the Councilor for Mobility has clarified, once the allegations period has passed and it is definitively approved, it will provide "tools to the Local Police" that may punish vehicles that have "more than two minutes with the engine on going". A measure that will prevent "the smoke from the exhaust pipes does not rise to the houses, does not pollute and the noise does not disturb the neighbors".

Precisely, to publicize the new Mobility Ordinance, Ana Pellicer has announced that the City Council will convene the citizenship next Thursday to a meeting that will be attended by municipal technicians "so that they are the ones who inform the Neighborhood Council and each of the city associations ”of the benefits of the new regulations, as in the case of noise and environmental pollution from bus exhausts. The place and time will be announced early next week.