The City Council promotes three awareness campaigns during the Local Festivities

#NOesNO, Violet Point and Coneixement, to enjoy and transmit the good atmosphere during the parties
The City Council promotes three awareness campaigns during the Local Festivities.
The City Council promotes three awareness campaigns during the Local Festivities.

Benidorm City Council, through the departments of Fiestas, Equality and Social Welfare, launch three awareness campaigns to avoid sexist harassment and excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks during Major Patron Festivities. This has been announced this morning before the media by the councilors Jesus Carrobles, Ángela Zaragozí and Ángela Llorca.

"What we want," said Carrobles, "is that our fiestas are known in the city precisely for that reason, for the fiestas, for the good atmosphere, for the cordiality that we transmit and that it remains so." The campaigns aim to "raise awareness among partiers and those who do not visit" so that they "enjoy ours and move what our city is."

#NOesNO and Violet Point

Fiestas and Equality will launch ‘No es no’, Ángela Zaragozí said because “we want parties without harassment”. The initiative will deliver to the bum bags with the campaign motto and will launch the #NOesNO label so that users can share images through their social networks.

The second of the campaigns in which the Department of Equality will participate will be the 'Violet Point' that will be installed in a tent at the square of SSMM los Reyes de España on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday “during the concerts, days of greater influx of people ”. The ‘Violeta Point’ is a space in which the public is sensitized and the victims, victims of any type of sexist aggression are attended to, informed and assisted. Zaragozí has ​​specified that there will be qualified personnel in it: social workers, psychologists, Red Cross support staff to inform, raise awareness and, God willing it not to happen, be able to act in situ ”.


The third of the campaigns that will be launched during  2019 Fiestas is ‘Festa amb coneixement’. Initiative of the Department of Social Welfare for the prevention of the risk of consumption of alcohol and other drugs. "We have been doing it for many years," Angela Llorca recalled and with it we want to "encourage" everyone to have a good time "but try to reduce alcohol consumption to have a healthy party" and also try not to drink in front of minors "because they imitate us".

 Two posters have been publishes, one with the winning images of the Clubs Day contest, on October 26; and a second, with advice on how to act against excessive alcohol and how to treat the victim. All the clubs and the Commission de Fiestas, will receive posters of this about the other two campaigns so that they can place them in their clubs.