Benidorm plans a special cleaning service from Easter to the beginning of summer

The reinforcement will not increase the bill paid by the City Council and will involve the hiring of 4 or 8 workers
Benidorm plans a special cleaning service from Easter to the beginning of summer.
Benidorm plans a special cleaning service from Easter to the beginning of summer.
The City Council will promote citizen awareness and collaboration campaigns to keep Benidorm cleaner

The Department of Street Cleaning has scheduled "special services" to act with greater intensity in different parts of the city and thus achieve "that Benidorm offers its best image for the high season that begins next Easter", as it has explained the councilman of the area, Arturo Cabrillo.

Cabrillo has clarified that this special service is valued over 97,000 euros, an amount that will not increase the bill paid by the City Council to the concessionaire of the service, since it "is available under the current road cleaning contract". In addition, a reinforcement of 4 or 8 new operators is contemplated with respect to the current service, as well as four more machines for washing, special pavements, high pressure washing and gum removal. The works will cover all the specific needs of each neighborhood that, according to Cabrillo, "have been able to plan now thanks to the definition of the service that was approved in the plenary on March 25".

Within the extraordinary services highlights the planned intensification of the washrooms and the washing of containers, due to the large number of works on public roads and a particularly hot winter. As for the special cleanings, the leached pavements are included in container areas; cleaning of gum, bird droppings and other spots on the pavement; rust stains on street furniture, lampposts and walls; as well as the special cleaning of the polished pedestrian pavements.

Special services will also be carried out in areas not foreseen in the ordinary service, in which only acts in a timely manner. Thus, action will be taken in areas of tourist attraction such as La Cruz, in the vicinity of the different recent car parks, in the dog parks, in the paved areas of parks and gardens, and in the ditches and margins of public roads.

The cleaning tasks will be accompanied by a greater vigilance to promote "less dirt". To do this, Cabrillo explained that "there will be more vigilance and control of pet droppings, more vigilance in conflictive areas and also in meeting schedules." In addition, public awareness and collaboration campaigns will be carried out regarding the removal of items, recyclable waste, special waste, etc.

The organization of these works includes acting from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., since they are the hours of least commercial and tourist activity, to complement the ordinary services that are provided daily from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Cabrillo has also stressed that "to achieve greater efficiency we will perform shock cleanups in each neighborhood with deep treatments to remove stains or dirt of any nature."

There will be also a cleaning of the access roads to Benidorm, in the ditch areas and edges of the road, in order to "improve the first impression of the city that all our visitors have on such tourist dates. important, "said Cabrillo.