Benidorm complements the environment of Séquia Mare Park with two open-air museums dedicated to agriculture and water

The mayor advances that in future dates will be specified the new uses and endowments of this important green area, which has been co-financed by the Provincial Council of Alicante
César Sánchez and Toni Pérez.
César Sánchez and Toni Pérez.

Benidorm City Council has complemented the surroundings of the Séquia Mare Park, which was available to the public about two months ago, with two open-air museums dedicated to agriculture and water. The mayor, Toni Pérez, explained that these spaces provide the "cultural and historical" component to a park "designed for leisure, recreation and sports" and that since its opening is being widely used by citizens. Pérez has made these statements after visiting the park with the president of the Diputación de Alicante, César Sánchez, who has checked 'in situ' the result of this project funded by the provincial body with nearly 700,000 euros. A visit in which members of the government team and several members of the opposition have also participated.

The mayor has indicated that "this very important investment of the Provincial Council", which has been supplemented with around 280,000 euros of municipal funds, has allowed "to generate a completely different park than usual at the edge of the urban fabric of the compact city ", with which" nature is respected, cared for and valued a few meters from the big city ". p>

Along with this large green area of ​​70,000 square meters, "we began to glimpse the Water Museum", a "reminder and story" of the past of Benidorm linked to "a Séquia Mare" whose last stretch on public land runs together to the park, and that "from 2016 it began to be valued on the occasion of the 350th anniversary of the Reg Major de l'Alfàs". Thus, there are already installed different hydraulic parts that were part of the supply network of Benidorm, and which have been ceded by the Marina Baixa Water Consortium and the Hidraqua concessionaire. P>

Following the Water Museum, the Agricultural is located, where some pieces that made up the mill recovered by the City Council are already exhibited. p>

The mayor has indicated that as the configuration of these open-air museums progresses, so will "the processes to make use of the entire length of the Séquia Mare Park once the infrastructure is completed in this first phase of the project. " Pérez has announced that these uses, for "those who are ready" this large green area, will be outlined in new dates and will make the Séquia Mare "a reference park not only of Benidorm but of many cities". P>

For his part, the president of the council has recognized the work done by the local government in the last term to "continue to make Benidorm the great modern and avant-garde city of the Mediterranean, smart, green, friendly and dedicated to wellness of people". Sanchez pointed out that the investment made in Séquia Mare has been "very efficient", because "it has transformed the city" making "the periphery already part of the center". "It's a kind of Central Park," he underlined. P>

Characteristics of Séquia Mare Park strong> p>

At the time of designing the Séquia Mare Park, we have tried to respect as much as possible its natural configuration, and the preexisting trees such as the pine forest of 15,000 square meters and those with the highest environmental value. To these copies have been added 150 tipuanas and 50 jacarandas. P>

The park is equipped with a road of around one kilometer to travel by bicycle; and another for the practice of 'running' of about 1,500 meters. Both surround the green zone, like the road of walk, to which are added the paths that connect the different areas and facilities of the park until adding two kilometers in length. P>

In addition to the 'skate park' launched two years ago, Séquia Mare also has a 'bowl', as well as toilets and spaces for the maintenance and management of the park. p>