Benidorm approves the first remittances of new aid to families in 2021 and of ‘Ayudas Paréntesis’

The intention of the local government is to resolve new remittances of both benefits weekly
The economic endowment for Benidorm is around 5.2 million euros.
The economic endowment for Benidorm is around 5.2 million euros.

The Local Government Board (JGL) of Benidorm City Council has approved today the first batch of municipal aid to families in 2021, focused on mitigating the effects of the pandemic in the homes of the city; as well as the first batch of the so-called ‘Parenthesis Grants’, aimed at self-employed workers and small companies with up to 10 workers.

The mayor, Toni Pérez, has pointed out that "in this first batch of aid to families, 107 applications have been favorably resolved for a total amount of 89,100 euros, which will be effective in the coming days"

Toni Pérez recalled that "the amount of these grants is at least 200 euros per month for a quarter, an amount that is increasing by 50 euros per month for each member of the family unit."

The mayor has stressed that these aid are aimed "at those who are suffering the most from the effects of this health, economic and social crisis" and "follow the line that we started last year to support the families of Benidorm, with the aim that no one stay on the road ”.

"The local administration - he has indicated - is the closest to the citizen and therefore we have to be agile when it comes to providing support to the resident population, resolving these aids as soon as possible." In this sense, he has advanced that the intention of the local government is to approve new remittances weekly so that "Benidorm households can benefit from this benefit as soon as possible."

For this aid to families, the City Council has initially reserved 2.5 million euros, an amount that could be increased depending on the needs.

Regarding the ‘Parenthesis Grants’, intended for sectors affected by the pandemic, Toni Pérez, has reported that “this first shipment reaches practically 780,000 euros and will reach more than 300 companies with fiscal domicile in Benidorm”.

Specifically, the amount approved by the JGL amounts to 779,621.74 euros, with which 317 requests are attended, "mostly made by companies and establishments in the hotel and restaurant sector." The range of amounts granted "ranges between 2,000 and 4,000 euros."

The mayor has emphasized that “with the approval of this remittance today we fulfill our commitment to grant the first aid in an agile and fast way, even anticipating the end of the application period, which expires this Tuesday at 23.59 hours ”. Until that time, applications can be processed electronically and with electronic signature through the Electronic Headquarters of the City Council (

‘Parenthesis Grants’ are framed within the one known as ‘Resist Plan’ and are financed by the City Councils, Provincial Councils and the Generalitat. These grants provide benefits of 2,000 euros for each self-employed person or micro-company that meets the requirements established in the bases –available at, with improvement sections of 200 euros per employee affiliated with Social Security as of December 31 2020.

Toni Pérez recalled that the financial allocation for Benidorm is around 5.2 million euros, of which the City Council contributes about 790,000, being "the fifth city in the Valencian Community with the highest amount, given the volume of activities and establishments included within the sectors indicated by the Generalitat ”.

The mayor has assured that "our intention is to continue to approve new remittances of aid weekly so that the companies and freelancers of Benidorm have as many before that economic injection, which is added to the rest of the measures designed by the City Council to contribute to the reactivation of the activity and maintenance of employment ”. At this point, he has reported that "the payment of the general prize of 500 euros of #BenidormTeEspera Contest is already underway, with which about 1.4 million euros have been injected into the local productive fabric."