Alameda del Alcalde Pedro Zaragoza

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The Alameda is one of the main arteries of the city's old town.

Possibly it was the exit of one of the gates of the medieval wall towards Valencia. Although there is no archaeological evidence to confirm it, it does the oral tradition and allusions of local historians.

According to the oldest documents it already existed in 1803 and probably it would have the same design as the current one. In late XVII century the demographic development became it into an expanding area, as the village was crowded, there were many people living within the walls. Houses began to be built in the flat area and new neighborhoods appeared like El Calvari or El Bon Retiro, where we are now.

The current name is due to the mayor of Benidorm in the 50s, D. Pedro Zaragoza Orts, considered the precursor of the modern city of today.