Ajuntament de Benidorm / Parc de l´Aigüera

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City Council

Here we find one of the most emblematic buildings of the city: the Town Hall, designed by Jose Luis Camarasa, the municipal architect and the architecture team of the City Council.

It was inaugurated in 2003. Its horizontal position, breaks the vertical image of a city of skyscrapers that meets one of the tallest buildings in Spain, and gives the square where the importance that corresponds for being the head office of the municipal government.

The building has been described as an architectural symbol of Benidorm. In fact, just a few weeks after its inauguration received one of the most prestigious awards like FAD or Construmat.

It stands like a bridge to the entrance of the park. It is a large rectangular container of more than 14,000 square meters, nearly 100 meters long and 13 meters high, which rests on four pillars only.

Another feature that also draw attention is the main façade made of glass panels with the engraved names of 60,000 people registered in the city in the year in which the construction ended.

The construction process was spectacular. Sometimes powerful cranes were needed to install its huge steel structure. In fact, that was an event raising great expectations not only among local people and tourists, but among professionals and students of architecture and engineering.

l´Aigüera parc

L’Aigüera is one of the ravines in the municipality that collected both stormwater and water from the nearby fountains.

In the 80’s it was decided to make a large development in its course and to turn it into a nature and leisure area.

The design of the project was made by the architect Ricardo Bofill. It is a reminiscent of Neoclassicism because of the architectural elements.

Inside the park there are two outdoor auditoriums where many activities and events take place throughout the year. Oscar Esplá Auditorium, closer to the Town Hall and Julio Iglesias Auditotium, larger. This auditorium got its named in tribute to one of the winners of the Spanish Festival  Song, which was so famous in Benidorm in the decades of the 60s and 70s.

The aerial photography shows works in the bed of the ravine in the moment it was being built.