A delegation from Santa Susanna City Council, in Barcelona coastal region of El Maresme, this morning took an institu

9 Jul 2020

The mayor of Benidorm has participated this morning in the Industry Digital Talk meeting about Tourism that has organ

18 Jun 2020

Benidorm City Council continues, according to the calendar announced on May 7, with the process of redefining its DTI

16 May 2020

The mayor, Toni Pérez, today has presented a work plan that will allow Benidorm to be configured as an Smart Tourist

9 May 2020

Benidorm has joined the initiative of Red Innpulso and has transferred all its initiatives in the area of ​​good prac

14 Apr 2020

Tomorrow, at 9, the #MostCongres 2020, the first national congress specialized in digital marketing for the tourism s

19 Feb 2020