Special notice of adverse phenomena

Meteorology Statal Agency
Special notice of adverse phenomena.
Special notice of adverse phenomena.
Special notice number 14/2019 issued at 1:00 p.m. official time on 9/10/2019 the state meteorological agency reports:

1.- Weather phenomenon: Heavy or very strong and persistent showers and storms.

2.- Geographical scope: Mediterranean area.

3.- Beginning of the situation: Monday, September 9.

4.- Duration: At least until Saturday, day 14.

5.- Degree of probability: Very high (over 80%).

6.- Description of the meteorological situation: It is expected that the DANA (Isolated Depression in High Levels) that during yesterday entered through the north, will move south during today travelling along the east, to locate at the end of the day with its center on the southeast of Spain, where it will remain practically stationary for the next two days and, starting on Friday the 13th, begin to move north.

The area most affected by this situation during the next few days will be the Mediterranean area, with showers frequently accompanied by storms of strong or very strong intensity, intense winds and poor state of the sea. Accumulations may exceed 100 mm in large areas, with showers that could occasionally reach torrential intensity (greater than 60 mm / h).

There is little uncertainty as to the position of the dana, in its movement towards the south during today and its situation until Friday on the southeast of Spain, but there is greater uncertainty as to the evolution of the dana during the days following in its return to the north and reincorporation to the general flow of the west, at the same time as it progressively weakens.

The most intense rainfall is expected on Tuesday in the Balearic Islands and with less intensity in eastern Catalonia; on Wednesday in the Valencian Community, the Balearic Islands and the Catalan coast, and Thursday in the southeast, especially in Murcia and Alicante where they could be very persistent. On Friday and Saturday, with the displacement of the dana towards the north, it is probable that the intense rainfall will extend towards the interior of the peninsular, losing intensity in the Mediterranean area, although strong showers could still occur in the Valencian Community and Murcia.

It should be borne in mind that small changes in the evolution of the dana and in the regime of winds at low levels could displace the maximum rainfall to other areas.

As for the wind, strong or very strong gusts are expected until Friday in the Mediterranean area, especially on the coastlines, starting today in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands and moving on Wednesday and Thursday to the east and southeast of Spain to begin to abate in these areas on Friday. The state of the sea will be characterized by a wind with force 7 to 8 and rough sea (with areas of very rough sea out at sea).

7.- Notification of future updates or of completion: AEMET will issue a new special notice tomorrow Wednesday, September 11, and recommends a more detailed and updated follow-up of it through its predictions and notices of adverse phenomena. All this can be found on the website: www.aemet.es