The ex president of Athletics Club and member of Cáritas, Jesús Rosillo, Exemplary Neighbor 2019

The award, promoted by the Neighborhood Council, will be delivered next Thursday at 12 noon in the Plenary Hall
The ex president of Athletics Club and member of Cáritas, Jesús Rosillo, Exemplary Neighbor 2019.
The ex president of Athletics Club and member of Cáritas, Jesús Rosillo, Exemplary Neighbor 2019.

The ex president of Athletics Club of Benidorm and a member of Caritas of the parish of La Almudena, Jesús Rosillo, will be recognized next Thursday, October 24, with the 2019 Exemplary Neighbor Award. The mayor, Toni Pérez, has made public today the decision adopted by the jury of this award, promoted by the Neighborhood Council, at a press conference in which he has been accompanied by the Councilor for Citizen Participation, Ana Pellicer; the first and second vice presidents of the Neighborhood Council, Teresa Garrido and Manuel Sánchez; and the representative of this body that protects the Exemplary Neighbor Award, Paca Fuster.

The mayor has recalled that this award has already celebrated nine editions, and “was born from the Neighborhood Council for the neighbors; of civil society, for civil society ”. Pérez has deepened that the award seeks to "recognize people who by their behavior are a model of coexistence and in which civic and ethical values ​​that are a reference for citizenship concur." Requirements, he said, that Jesús Rosillo meets, "a neighbor well known for many people, absolutely altruistic" and "has collaborated in infinite actions and services."

Thus, "his sports vocation led him to contribute decisively in the promotion and development of local sport, especially in the modality of athletics" participating "during the last three decades in the configuration of the main tests celebrated in the city." He also collaborates and has collaborated “very much” with actions “in the natural environment”, has participated “in countless cultural and festive movements”, besides being “a very active person in Cáritas organization, especially in the neighborhood of Colonia Madrid-Foietes ”.

The mayor has stressed that Jesús Rosillo is “broadly deserving” of this distinction; he has applauded "the jury's success, which has been very difficult for another year"; and has invited citizens to participate in the presentation ceremony of the Exemplary Neighbor Award, on October 24 at 12 noon in the Assembly Hall.

In previous years Francisco Fenoll, Antonio Gonzaga, Carmen Cerdá, Mª Rosa González and Juan José García - both posthumously -, Casimiro Vila, Eusebi Chiner and María Zaragoza have been recognized with this award.

Exemplary Neighbor Election Process

The deadline for submitting candidates for this recognition was open from mid-August to September 15. Each candidacy should be backed by three neighbors or an entity. A specific Commission was responsible for studying all the applications and selecting three finalists; which have subsequently been assessed by an external jury chaired by Exemplary Neighbor 2012, Antonio Gonzaga, and who were also invited to participate in winners of other years.

Neighbor Resume

Retired official of Benidorm City Council, for 12 years he was president of the Benidorm Athletics Club, and more than two decades member of the Board of Directors; In addition to participating in more than 200 events representing the city. He has also been a National Athletics Judge; He has collaborated as an environmental volunteer; and has participated in the opening of the route that links Benidorm with Camino de Santiago. In 2009 he joined as a volunteer in Cáritas; and since 2000 he is a member of El Cristo del Perdón y de la Buena Muerte brotherhood, being this year president of the Board of Brotherhoods of Holy Week. In addition, he is a founding partner of Tramontana Sociocultural Group.