EDUSI Technical Committee of Benidorm City Council is constituted

Toni Pérez highlights that we are facing a series of historical actions to recover an area of Benidorm by raising its levels of integration
 EDUSI Technical Committee of Benidorm City Council is constituted.
EDUSI Technical Committee of Benidorm City Council is constituted.

All municipal departments are involved in achieving a city as homogeneous as possible in quality of life

This morning EDUSI Technical Committee of Benidorm City Council has been set up, which is made up of municipal managers of the Engineering, European Funds, Secretary, Architecture, Social Welfare, Contracting, Treasury, Financial Control and Communication departments.

The meeting was chaired by Mayor Toni Pérez and was attended by the Councilor for Innovation and Quality, Aida García Mayor, and the delegates of the consultancy firm Considera Project Lab Group, Eva Sanmartín and Rosa Carrasco, who pointed out the evolution of the process, the work schedule and the evolution of the phases of Benidorm's Integrated Sustainable Urban Development Strategy.

Since February 2020, the Procedures Manual for integrating operations has been completed and the commitments have been indicated to the Management Unit, which is in charge of selecting the priority of operations. This Management Unit, led by the councilor García Mayor, is based on the already created Technical Committee and the Fraud Risk Self-Assessment Team to prevent the projects and investments to be made from being derailed.

The mayor, Toni Pérez, highlighted the amount of the investment: "ten million euros of European funds" which implies the same amount of investment by Benidorm City Council, resulting in the end, with other actions that are included, "a process that in its entirety reaches 30 million in urban, integration and social areas ”.

The mayor recalled that with the constitution of the Technical Committee, priorities have been established and has already indicated the first step to "determine the technical expressions to start as quickly as possible and advance in the files for each of the actions."

The committee has indicated the priorities specified in five lines. Some, Pérez pointed out, on which there is already an impact and will go further, such as “the improvement of internal mobility and energy efficiency, the rehabilitation and enhancement of historical and cultural heritage and the improvement of urban areas, green areas and depressed spaces ”. And another, very specific, that the first mayor considers "fundamental and that was designed in 2018" on a territorial sector of the city "that required recovery in quality of life" to homogenize it with the rest of the city.

This action of Line 10, said the mayor, focuses “on the territory around the avenues of Beniardá and Jaime I and the areas of Alfredo Corral, Foietes and Els Tolls that when the EDUSI ends will improve the quality of life of people who live there ”.

The action schedule contemplates that by December 31, 2021, 30% of the investment and actions set will be completed, the rest having to be completed before December 31, 2023. The procedures before the mandatory ministerial bodies are being the slowest of the process .

In today's session, the calendar of sessions has been set for the remainder of 2020 with the different EDUSI technical teams, the mayor encouraging all those in charge of teams and assistant departments “to become decisively involved in the issue because we are facing a historical process ", highlighting that" much more now, spurred by the incidence of the pandemic. "

The sessions of this Technical Committee will be quarterly.