Colonia Madrid expands and improves the pet area with a Benicán with ‘Agility’ space

A new meeting with neighbors of La Huerta will be held next week
Colonia Madrid expands and improves the pet area with a Benicán with ‘Agility’ space.
Colonia Madrid expands and improves the pet area with a Benicán with ‘Agility’ space.

Today, the expansion of the new pet area located next to Foietes Park has been added to which an ‘Agility’ space has been incorporated, where dogs can do exercise in the company of their owners. The new Benicán, multiplies by four the previous surface and was one of the requests that the neighborhood associations of Colonia Madrid presented for the Participatory Budgets of 2020.

Participatory Budgets are still in the evaluation phase, however, since the government team has chosen to perform the action to “add more to that budget,” said the Councilor for Citizen Participation, Ana Pellicer, during the work meeting that this morning took place in the neighborhood, after which a tour of the actions carried out during the last months was made.

In addition to Pellicer, the Councilor for Works, Public Space and Street Cleaning, José Ramón González de Zárate, participated in the meeting; the vice presidents of the Neighborhood Council, Teresa Garrido and Manuel Sánchez Notario, and representatives of the neighborhood associations.

"Everything that the neighbors ask us," said González de Zárate, "we execute it" - The councilor has detailed the work carried out by municipal brigades of the concessionary companies. "We have reviewed the entire neighborhood, almost completely fixed the tree beds and with that we have gained in image, in urban scene and in something fundamental: accessibility." González de Zárate has pointed out that thanks to "the margin that is earned with the tree beds" sidewalks are transformed, a priori narrow, into "fully accessible".

The work carried out by the City Council has solved problems such as loose tiles or cracks in Foietes Park, as a result of the settlement of the slope. Likewise, tree pruning has been carried out, the speed on the tracks has been controlled by installing reducers or a temporary ramp has been built next to the private work so that children and neighbors “can access the schools”. Regarding this space, which, it should be remembered, is not municipal, González de Zárate has announced that it has been negotiated with the property so that “the confluence of all the surrounding streets is accessible”.

Polop Street

The councillor of Works, has taken advantage of the meeting to announce the next start of the remodeling project of Polop Street. "The work and direction are already awarded," he said. This is a performance "complicated and claimed by the neighbors" since the road does not have "or rain, nor there was sewage" and where all the pipes of drinking water will be changed. The works, he recalled, will be paid by the City Council and the Provincial Council of Alicante.

Finally, Ana Pellicer, has stressed the importance of regular meetings with neighborhood associations and the Neighborhood Council. In them "they touch and pamper those little details that make city" and has announced that next week there will be a second meeting in the Garden where the neighbors can, once again, make new contributions "to improve the urban scene and improve the city".