The City Council meets 100% of the requests of the residents of Els Tolls

The youth of the neighborhood may use the premises of the Administrative Extension as a study room
Today's meeting at the Administrative Extension of Els Tolls.
Today's meeting at the Administrative Extension of Els Tolls.

City Council will launch a pet identification campaign to control their droppings

The Administrative Extension of Els Tolls has gathered this morning several dozen neighbors who have come to know the actions carried out by the City Council and propose new ones that will be undertaken shortly. The meeting, convened through the Neighborhood Council, has been conducted by the Councilors for Citizen Participation, Ana Pellicer, and Public Space, Works and Street Cleaning, José Ramón González de Zárate and is part of the campaign that, once a week brings together neighborhood groups with their public representatives. The Vice Presidents of the Neighborhood Council, Teresa Garrido and Manuel Sánchez Notario have also been present.

"On this occasion," Ana Pellicer said, "we have been more citizens than we have met, nearly forty, to which we have detailed that almost the total, practically 100% of the proposals raised in the previous September visit, have been made. " The Councilor for Participation thanked the congratulations received by the neighbors "for the clean and careful" in Els Tolls neigborhood and reiterated the will of the City Council to continue with weekly visits "to further improve each of the neighborhoods and do, between all a better city. ”

Ana Pellicer has announced that next Thursday, the citizens of the Old Town will be able to meet with their municipal representatives and summoned them, at 10:00 a.m. in the municipal building of El Torrejó. The proposal will be made through the Neighborhood Council and the associations involved in it but Pellicer has also wanted to "encourage everyone", associated or not, to "send us their requests" to be studied by the municipal services.

After the assembly, the councilors and some neighbors have toured the actions carried out in Els Tolls these months. Upon completion, José Ramón González de Zárate has stated that he is “proud” of the fulfillment “of 100% of the proposals made at the previous meeting”. The councillor has stressed that the area has a municipal brigade of works "at your disposal" that from "Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., is repairing tiles, making tree pits and lug nuts to improve accessibility and the neighborhood ”.

González de Zárate has detailed some of the actions carried out such as the perimeter fencing of the fairground with the bullring, the lighting from the streets of Austria or Inglaterra to the bullfighting “very used by the neighbors”, the arrangement and opening of the second pet park which allows Els Tolls to have “one on Italia street and one on Parque de l'Aigüera”. Regarding the immediate future, he has emphasized the objectives that the Edusi (Integrated Sustainable Urban Development Strategy) sets out that “when the ministry opens our hands,” it will allow to tender actions such as those planned in the bullring, the study center or the civic center of Benidorm. "A project - he has specified - valued at more than four million euros, essential for Benidorm."

González de Zárate has particularly affected a problem that not only Benidorm suffers "but all cities", referring to the "education" of masters of pets who must be responsible for collecting the excrement of their pets from the street. In this sense, he has announced the launch of a campaign “in all neighborhoods” in which “all the pets” of Benidorm will be identified and even more “those go without a leash”.

Finally, the mayor has also announced that "at the request of the youth of the neighborhood" who participated today in the meeting, the Administrative Extension will open its doors so that "in coexistence with the association of neighbors and municipal officials", can be used by students as a study classroom and prepare their exams. "It is a measure proposed by young people today, and of course we are going to put it into practice," he said.