The City Council ensures the daily disinfection of the Infant and Primary school transport buses

The company confirms that these vehicles, like the rest of those that provide educational services, will follow health protocols, including the permanent assignment of seats
The City Council ensures the daily disinfection of the Infant and Primary school transport buses.
The City Council ensures the daily disinfection of the Infant and Primary school transport buses.

Benidorm will disinfect bus stops daily and expand the reserved areas in several schools so that student access is more staggered and interpersonal distance is maintained

Benidorm City Council has confirmed with the urban transport concession company, Llorente Bus, that the buses that transport the Infant and Primary students of CEIP's Gabriel Miró and Mestre Gaspar López will follow a protocol for prevention against Covid-19 based on the guidelines transferred by the Generalitat Valenciana, and which includes the daily disinfection of vehicles.

The mayor, Toni Pérez, explained that “the Department of Mobility, in coordination with the Department of Education, a letter was sent to the concession company to confirm the application of a specific protocol and confirm its details, thus guaranteeing the health security in the transport of students that is directly assumed by the City Council, belonging to both educational centers and which is around 60 minors in Infant and Primary ”. This daily disinfection will affect contact areas, such as bars, handles or seat belts.

According to this protocol, which will also be applied to the rest of the educational services provided by the concession company in Benidorm, at the beginning of the school year the seats of each student will be assigned, which will be maintained throughout the school period, and the distribution of students. In this assignment of seats, the safety distance will be guaranteed and special attention will be paid to people with disabilities or special needs.

All vehicles are equipped with a protective screen in the driver's compartment and have a hydroalcoholic gel. During the trip, students from 6 years of age must wear a mask, and its use is recommended for younger students, except in the cases specified. The auxiliary personnel will have masks for the use of the students in case of loss, breakage, etc.; and will dispense hydroalcoholic gel to all users.

Regarding access to vehicles, first the students from the rear seats will get on first, and to get down students will do it in reverse order. At the stop, interpersonal distance must be maintained.

Toni Pérez has indicated that "through the municipal cleaning service the disinfection of school transport stops will be reinforced daily, just as it will be done at the entrances and exits of educational centers." For this special service a ‘hydro’ will be used as well as the spray gun.

Likewise, the mayor has reported that "the area reserved for access to Aitana and Puig Campana schools has been expanded so that the entry and exit of students is more staggered and increasing the space to guarantee interpersonal distance". This expansion of areas has been verified by the Local Police.

The mayor has stressed that “the City Council we are not going to spare any effort in disinfecting both the facilities of the educational centers, as well as their surroundings, as well as in promoting the widest possible access to the educational centers that requires it, thus contributing to reinforcing health security and offering students and their families greater guarantees throughout the course ”.