Benidorm works on a 2021 budget of "marked social character" and in which the items for aid "will be expandable"

García Mayor advances that the objectives are "to promote the rapid recovery of the city and avoid the destruction of the social and economic fabric"
Benidorm works on a 2021 budget of "marked social character" and in which the items for aid "will be expandable".
Benidorm works on a 2021 budget of "marked social character" and in which the items for aid "will be expandable".

The investment to meet needs derived from the pandemic will be, at least, the same as this year

The local government team, together with the municipal technicians, are already working on the preparation of the draft budget for 2021, which will have “a marked social character” and in which “the economic amounts linked to grants and programs to assist families and Benidorm companies will be declared expandable and, therefore, may be increased throughout the year depending on the needs ”. This was reported today by the Councilor for Finance, Aida García Mayor, who has reported that “the preparation of the budget is underway, once last Friday the Financial department completed the work of rendering accounts and sending reports to the Ministry of the Treasury, as the municipal groups have been informed ”.

García Mayor has advanced that "when preparing the draft of the 2021 accounts, we will work with two objectives: to promote Benidorm for a rapid recovery and to avoid the destruction of the social and economic fabric of the city." "All this - he added - maintaining rigor, credibility and compliance with applicable regulations."

The head of the Treasury has stressed that "in 2021, as we have done from March to today, we will continue to go as far as necessary and spend whatever is necessary so that no one is left behind." For this reason, “special attention will be paid to the social needs arising from the impact of the pandemic” with an investment of resources that “will be at least equal since the Covid-19 crisis broke out”, and that "exceeds 4 million euros in aid to families, workers, businesses, SMEs and companies."

In addition to continuing with "the action plan established in 'Benidorm DTI + Safety', we are going to maintain the investment levels that have marked the management of the last 5 years", since "in the face of the crisis caused by the pandemic, administrations have to promote and stimulate the economy and the creation of wealth, thus contributing to the maintenance and creation of employment ”.

Within this investment, it is planned to include in the 2021 budget resources to execute "projects included in the EDUSI", as well as items to develop the actions foreseen in the Tourism Sustainability Plan for Destinations and in the program, "promoting the modernization and digitization ”.

In the field of security, García Mayor has advanced that "the staff of the Local Police will continue to be strengthened, maintaining the coverage of positions while the different calls that are underway are completed".

The councillor stressed that "the preparation of the 2021 budget will be highly participatory, as it has been since 2016, involving municipal groups and civil society, with dialogue and seeking consensus."

Finally, García Mayor has stressed that "the City Council has a solid economic base, thanks to the work of the last 5 years, in which the debt has been reduced extraordinarily, as has current spending." "We have put the municipal accounts in order and done more with less, achieving a serious and solid project for the future."