Benidorm prepares for the Night of San Juan

As in previous years, there will be a special cleaning device, first aid and Local Police, and for the first time all public restrooms that service the beaches will be opened
Benidorm prepares for the Night of San Juan.
Benidorm prepares for the Night of San Juan.

The pubs of Levante will install screens with musical animation

Benidorm is preparing to live the Night of San Juan, next Sunday, June 23. As in previous years, the Department of Events, directed by Jesús Carrobles, organizes with the association of pubs and clubs the celebration of San Juan in Alcoy Avenue. Carrobles explained that on the occasion of the works on the Avenida Mediterráneo, "there will be no stage on Bilbao Street, but there will be several large screens in different first-line pubs looking towards the sea, so that the music does not disturb the people who rest, but can be heard from the shore, while the participants in the most magical night of the year wet their feet, as tradition dictates. "

Apart from this event, the Night of San Juan will be lived on the sand of the three beaches of Benidorm, for which the City Council has prepared a special cleaning, lifeguard and security device that has been outlined this morning. The councilor of Playas, Mónica Gómez, participated in the coordination meeting; the mayor of Street Cleaning, José Ramón González de Zárate; those responsible for the areas of Technical Services, Beaches, Environment and Public Security; as well as Civil Protection.

The security and first aid device operative from 9:00 pm will be made up of 20 local police officers; three ambulances; a surveillance and rescue boat with skipper and lifeguard; a rescue coordinator; a beach chief; three nurses and three technical drivers in health emergencies; 10 lifeguards, one of them at the point of accessible beaches of Elche Park.

With regard to the cleaning device, between the hours of 8:00 and 3:00, four workers will be in charge of the timely collection and emptying of bins. As of 03:00 hours, the device will be expanded to 20 workers and four screening machines.

The Councilor for Beaches has announced that "in order for these cleaning tasks to be carried out effectively and safely, we ask citizens to leave the beaches before 03.00, so that the screening machines can work freely and have the beaches in perfect condition at the very first hour of the morning ".

Gómez has announced that "for the first time all public restrooms that service the beaches will be open until 03.00 for the Night of San Juan". The councillor recalled that these public baths are located in the final stretch of the Rincón de Loix, in Murcia street, Paseo de Colón, in Los Fernandos building of Armada Española Avenue, in Vicente Llorca Alós - at the height of Hotel Delfin -, and in Tamarindos Park. "In addition, and as in previous years, the point of accessible beaches of Elche Park will be open until 02:00.

The councilwoman of Playas recalled that the municipal ordinance "does not allow access to beaches and coves with glass containers, make fire and stay in them during cleaning hours." It is planned to place signage at the accesses to the beaches remembering these restrictions.