Benidorm makes the first prior social consultation in Spain to award a street cleaning and waste collection service

The mayor emphasizes that the best specifications adapted to the reality and the singularities of Benidorm will be obtained
Benidorm makes the first prior social consultation in Spain to award a street cleaning and waste collection service.
Benidorm makes the first prior social consultation in Spain to award a street cleaning and waste collection service.

Published on January 11, the deadline for submitting proposals and ideas ends on February 12

On January 11 last, the bases of the preliminary market consultation, urban solid waste collection services and cleaning of public spaces were published in the profile of the contractor on Benidorm City Council website, which includes two separate blocks of consultations of a social and technical nature; the latter for companies specialized in cleaning and garbage collection in line with the usual processes that are developed for the award of these services.

The novelty offered by Benidorm, highlighted the mayor Toni Pérez, is that "in accordance with the Contract Law, they are going to do something that had not been done so far in Spain", such as including a social block with which Benidorm "makes the first prior social consultation ”and directs it to the professional associations of the city (ABRECA / COBRECA, AICO, APTUR, HOSBEC, Campings and Property managers), the Neighborhood Council, Housewives, the Company Committee of the current concessionaire and political groups and members of the Municipal Corporation.

This morning, in a telematic session, representatives of the groups and collectives have learned the details of the process and the questions related to the prior consultation, requesting them, he stressed that the mayor, “that until February 12 they send the Benidorm City Council, the answers to the questions indicated in the consultation and any other question that they wish to ask about how they think the cleaning and collection of waste in Benidorm should be ”.

With all these responses and suggestions, both from the social and business sectors, a profesional committee of Benidorm City Council -explained Toni Pérez-, "will  make a study on the technical feasibility of developing the proposals and the economic viability of being able to undertake them" .

"Knowing how much is going to cost us what is asked," said the mayor, "can be decisive."

Pérez insisted that “it is the first time in all of Spain that a consultation of this type has been made and Benidorm once again undertakes a pioneering initiative seeking to offer the best service, with the consensus of all, which will benefit the city and the tourist destination ”.

With this pioneering initiative, the mayor stressed, "Benidorm's society defines situations, companies offer solutions and municipal experts match everyone's postulates to bring them closer to the reality of a service that must be provided with the singularities of Benidorm".

Those responsible for engineering and contracting, in the telematic session, highlighted that in the consultation block there are 4 sections of proposals and specific questions on selective collection, promotion of segregated collection at source, complementary services and cleaning of public spaces, to which the mayor added the possibility of sending to the authorized email "added ideas and suggestions that lead us to adapt to reality a contract that defines most of what we want and need with a future projection". This email, like the municipal technicians, Pérez insisted, "are open to answer questions and attend to proposals until next February 12".

Process background

In November 2020, a report was prepared on the need to carry out a preliminary market consultation process, mandatory by law, completing the Descriptive Memory of the consultation and the draft of the Bases in that month.

In the Informative Commission of the Internal Regime of December 23, the street cleaning councilor presented the proposal for carrying out a preliminary market consultation of the services of Collection of Urban Solid Waste and Cleaning of Public Spaces, accompanied by the Bases and the Report Descriptive of the same, being approved in plenary session on December 30.

The notice of the call was published on January 13, 2021 in the profile of the contractor on Benidorm City Council website.

On February 12, the deadline for submitting proposals, ideas, suggestions, consultations and initiatives ends.