Benidorm increased e-Administration procedures by 15% in 2020

More than 230,000 administrative operations were carried out through the website, increasing procedures and on-line options
Benidorm increased e-Administration procedures by 15% in 2020.
Benidorm increased e-Administration procedures by 15% in 2020.

Since the first e-administration processes were implemented in 2009 on the municipal website of Benidorm City Council, the number of procedures has been increasing and at the moment up to 131 procedures can be carried out, with 31 of them in on-line option and 94 diagrams, expanding the options annually by more than 2%.

With these possibilities, in 2020 there were 2.5 million pages visited, especially since May, with 230,462 operations through the website, with an increase of 14.7% compared to 2019.

The Councilor for Innovation, Aida García Mayor, highlighted in the light of these data, that "in Benidorm it is already a common practice to process it through the web". In 2020, the difficult situation that the pandemic has generated has brought the public a little closer to this form of management between the City Council and those administered: "from 201,540 operations on the web in 2019 we have gone to 230,462 in 2020," said the councilor.

"Covid-19 has conditioned these statistics on procedures on the web," said García Mayor. Although the self-assessment processes and decrees have decreased, they have increased in 2020 in records of entry and exit of documents and in the processing of aid due to the pandemic.

In this regard, the councilor highlighted that in 2020 “5,900 files of aid to families have been processed, 2,110 files of aid to the productive fabric of the city, 501 files of aid financed by the Provincial Council for local commerce, 2,433 files of aid to hospitality and tourism and 270 files for subsidies to passenger motor transport companies ”.

García Mayor has highlighted the implementation and the advantages that the use of the possibilities that the web offers to the Administration "which allows speeding up procedures, monitoring them and avoiding unnecessary travel and contacts". From 128 procedures available in 2019 we have gone to 131 in 2020 "and it continues in this dynamic of streamlining the forms of interaction for procedures".

In addition, she added, "it facilitates teleworking and enables this process to also develop among municipal technicians, which offers one more component of security in the current situation."

She recalled the councilor "the municipal effort to implement procedures without the need for an electronic signature and the development of specific internal and external processes to manage aid effectively." Expanding on this, she highlighted the novelty of this year where now “it is possible through the web of Benidorm City Council to obtain both the flyer and the registration certificate; that can be downloaded on-line ”.

To facilitate the use of the web, Aida García Mayor finally pointed out, a technical attention service has been made available to users, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., through a free 900 line at 900 700 505 and a support to users via e-mail through It is, said the councilor, "a service to resolve incidents related to the Electronic Office; from problems of access and electronic signature, to doubts about types of digital certificates and document presentation mode ”.

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