Benidorm DTI + Safe obtains financing within the Spanish Tourism Sustainability Plan

Climate Change Adaptation Plan, the Sustainability Observatory and risk management programs and security protocols get supra-municipal subsidy
Benidorm DTI + Safe obtains financing within the Spanish Tourism Sustainability Plan.
Benidorm DTI + Safe obtains financing within the Spanish Tourism Sustainability Plan.

The mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez has shown his satisfaction when he was informed that the Benidorm DTI + Safe Plan has been one of the 25 approved projects, out of more than 150 presented at the national level -11 of them from the Valencian Community-, within the call for Tourism Sustainability Plans in Destinations of the Secretary of State for Tourism.

Pérez pointed out that "the pleasant news makes us happy for the city and for the writing team" that worked quickly to present the best proposal "with very powerful actions" that include the development and execution of actions provided for in the Benidorm DTI + Safe Plan , as announced on August 20, to develop until 2023.

The Destination Sustainable Tourism Plans program is 33% co-financed by the central, regional and local administrations. The 2020 call was delayed, due to the incidence of the pandemic; forcing it to redirect. With the new approaches, Pérez highlighted, “Benidorm has managed to redirect its projects, based on the Benidorm DTI + Seguro Plan, and obtain this financing; on August 20 Benidorm presents its proposal and on October 1 we have a resolution "

All the scheduled actions, the mayor recalled, are based on the Master Plan and the work axes of the last five years and the actions included "are aligned with the axes of the DTI and the 2030 agenda," and linked to the improvement and adaptation of the destination, urban reconversion, environmental and heritage recovery, technological improvement, accessibility, hygienic-sanitary security, sustainability, governance capacity and, above all, the recovery of tourist confidence and the involvement of residents.

Mayor Toni Pérez has framed the whole in the city's Strategic Plan: “in autumn 2015, when we set ourselves the challenge of becoming a DTI, we designed a roadmap that we have now redirected to DTI + Seguro and we are developing”.

The implementation of the Climate Change Adaptation Plan, the creation of a Sustainability Observatory, improvements in the DTI Management Body, various asset recovery actions and the implementation of management programs and security protocols are contemplated in this initiative. , as well as environmental actions at the destination.

For the mayor, the approval of the Benidorm proposal in the set of Tourism Sustainability Plans of the Secretary of State for Tourism “demonstrates the solvency of a local administration that is clear about the way forward to make a better city and that with As a result, the neighbors obtain a better quality of life ”and explained that“ from this moment we await the horizon of January 1 to begin the development of the actions ”.

In this call, 25 plans have been approved for all of Spain, of which 17 are for inland areas. In the case of Benidorm, 40% of the comprehensive budget of the project is directed to infrastructures, signage and implementation of new more accessible and sustainable tourist resources, 30% is allocated to actions aimed at improving the environmental impact, a 20 % of the actions are related to intelligent management and planning, as well as the diversification of tourism products and, finally, the remaining 10% is focused on actions in hygienic-sanitary security with the incorporation of risk management programs and security protocols .