Benidorm activates 900701322 for those who need help to adhere to CAN (Collective Aid Network) against coronavirus

So far, more than 230 volunteers have joined this program promoted by the Mayor
Benidorm activa el teléfono 900701322 para quienes necesiten ayuda para adherirse a la Red de Ayuda Colectiva frente al coronavirus
Benidorm activa el teléfono 900701322 para quienes necesiten ayuda para adherirse a la Red de Ayuda Colectiva frente al coronavirus

The Benidorm City Council has activated the free telephone number 900 701 322 for people who need help when filling in the forms for joining the Collective Aid Network against the coronavirus launched from the Mayor's Office and that seeks to channel and coordinate the wave of solidarity that arose among citizens after declaring a state of alarm of the COVID-19 crisis.

This phone will be operational every day from 09:00 to 19:00 and its function is to provide logistical support to people who, due to lack of technical means, have not been able to formalize their membership of this Collective Assistance Network, with which it is intended guarantee basic care to those who need it most during the coronavirus crisis.

Through this free telephone number, a team will be in charge of filling in all the information requested in the questionnaire in order to process membership in this network, either as a volunteer or as a claimant for help.

At the moment, there are more than 230 people who have registered as volunteers in this network; and 13 users who have requested some type of help, of which 12 are already receiving it. As recalled from the Mayor's office, the purpose of this initiative is "to help the risky and vulnerable population, especially the elderly or those with mobility problems, so that they have the care, attention and services they require, such as buy food and medicine without exposing yourself to going outside or simply having a phone conversation to alleviate your loneliness.

However, he is convinced that there are people requesting aid who have not joined the network due to having problems dealing with the new technologies or directly lacking them. In this regard, the Mayor's Office has called on the public to “publicize this initiative so that, if cases of older people, with mobility problems or at risk, who require this type of help are known, they will be informed of the existence of this network or refer them to 900 701 322 ".

Among the more than 230 volunteers who have joined the initiative in just two days, a group has been created among those who live in the vicinity of the Raúl Mesa pavilion to collaborate with the relevant professionals in managing the space for people homeless, launched yesterday by the Department of Social Welfare and with capacity for 25 users. The average age of this operational volunteer network in the pavilion does not exceed 45 years.

How to join the network

Remember that to be part of this Collective Aid Network, all you have to do is fill out the 'volunteer' or 'you need help' form, depending on the case, available on the City Council website –https: // campana-ayuda-contra-el-coronavirus- and Visit Benidorm –https: //, in both Spanish and English. Today these phone links are joined by the phone 900 701 322.

In these forms, the volunteers must provide, among other information, their neighborhood, time availability, knowledge of languages ​​and areas in which they would like to collaborate: support for people with disabilities or the elderly, leisure and free time, purchase of food and / or medicines, support in Civil Protection tasks, etc. For their part, people who need help should indicate what type of care they require - purchase of medicines, child or elderly care, help in preparing food, etc. - as well as what days or hours they need it.