Absolute normality on the first day of the Benidorm perimeter closure

Maximum collaboration of citizens and police forces in complying with mobility restrictions
Police control on Av. De Beniardá, this morning.
Police control on Av. De Beniardá, this morning.

Absolute normality on the first day of the perimeter closure ordered by Decree 2/2021 of the Generalitat Valenciana for which Benidorm designed an operation with six access and exit points from the city, closing the other roads, and organizing a system surveillance and control to comply with the provision that is included among the measures against Covid-19.

In the report on the actions of yesterday, Friday, since 3:00 p.m. when the operation came into effect, only some isolated incidents have been found in access controls, preventing them from carrying out it, as well as reminders of the use of the mask and consumption in hospitality establishments.

Regarding the perimeter closure, as stipulated in Decree 15/2020 of October 30, of the Presidency of the Generalitat, to enter and leave Benidorm only reasons related to attending health centers, certified work obligations, return to the place of residence, care for the vulnerable, exams at universities, actions before public bodies and demonstrable causes of force majeure.

The Councilor for Security, Lorenzo Martínez, in the assessment of the first day of the perimeter closure has highlighted "the absolute normality with which Benidorm has lived this first day" and the "maximum collaboration of citizens with the regulations", as well as the “usual cooperation between the police forces deployed in the city for this operation”.

Martínez thanked "the efforts of the agents of the Local Police Force and the National Police" and the "involvement of the people of Benidorm in compliance with the measures".

The councilor recognized "certain traffic jump" at 3 pm yesterday, Friday, "as the bulk of the end of the working day and the end of academic activity in schools and institutes coincide," therefore that Benidorm will request the Generalitat to delay it until 6:00 p.m. for the devices that will be served the next two weekends when the decree to close the perimeter of cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants will be operational.

Martínez encouraged the population to "maintain a level of self-protection and act with the utmost caution and responsibility," and recalled that the limitation of meetings at home, reduced to the nucleus of coexistence, such as encounters in the street with a maximum of two people who are not living together. At the same time, it announced, as the Generalitat did yesterday afternoon, that “the mandatory use of a mask is extended to urban beaches and to the practice of sport within population centers, whether it is on public roads or physical activity it is done in a green area ”. This last measure, the councilor pointed out, "is included for sports practice between 10 in the morning and seven in the afternoon."

As for the influx to beaches, yesterday there was no incident.