Mobility Council addresses the creation of a green parking area for residents

Mobility Council addresses the creation of a green parking area for residents

The PES also contemplates to regulate the loading and unloading, to extend schedules of blue zone for visitors or to implant deterrent parkings

The Mobility Council has today approached six proposals aimed at improving parking for residents, which are included in the Sustainable Parking Plan (PES), and should now be informed by municipal technicians and by the voluntary management of the contract before That this body and the municipal corporation decide whether to apply or not. The concessionaire of the service has already quantified the economic impact of these measures and their possible repercussion in the balance of the contract, as required by the corporation.

The main measure that is proposed to adopt is "the progressive creation of green parking area at zero cost to the resident during the 24 hours of the day," said the councilman of the area, José Ramón González de Zárate.

The mayor explained that the proposal is to convert the white area into green, "and begin to implant it in La Cala, Centro, Colonia Madrid and Rincón de Loix". With this measure "you want to protect the resident" who can use these green zone squares "for free" and regardless of the neighborhood "whenever you are registered in the city and pay in Benidorm the traffic tax - for what is Will give the term of one year-. Non-residents "must pay 1.5 euros per hour for parking in these places."

De Zárate has indicated that the implantation of the areas of residents would be progressive and in any case would not be done until after the summer, since it is necessary to modify the ordinance of Mobility and the accompanying fiscal.

The head of Mobility added that this measure is complemented by "the creation of deterrent parking spaces at city entrances connected with urban bus lines so that people living in other locations in the region and working in Benidorm can park their Vehicles in these free parking lots and then move to their jobs on public transport. " Among the locations for these deterrent car parks are the immediate vicinity of the future intermodal station planned by the Consell next to the bus terminal, land in El Moralet and La Cala, or already existing in the Waterfall.

Another measure analyzed by the Mobility Council, and included at the request of the Local Police, is "the regulation of loading and unloading by ticket vendors in regulated parking areas." De Zárate has advanced that for the self-employed and companies of Benidorm the use of this charge and discharge would be free for 30 minutes.

To improve the service provided, it has been proposed to implement the cancellation of complaints in the blue zone -3 euros and 60 minutes in term; Regulate the parking of motorcycles and mopeds in blue zone - by police request; And the total bonus to electric vehicles for parking in blue and green zone. Likewise, and as a deterrent to the misuse of the crane's enclosure, it is intended to increase the rate per stay in the warehouse; A measure that, according to the mayor, "will penalize those tourists or visitors who, taking advantage of the current prices, leave their car in the enclosure during the week or two weeks of vacation as if it were a parking."

Blue Zone

Concerning the blue zone, the Council has proposed two proposals aimed at improving the rotation of vehicles and affecting unregistered drivers: an increase in fare and the extension of schedules in summer, on Saturdays and holidays.

In addition, the technicians have reduced the claims of increase of places of blue zone collected by the concessionaire in the PES. De Zárate has indicated that from Mobility is calculated "in about 120 places to create", while the company "spoke about 750". Reduced "in more than 600 possible new places," it is proposed that they are created in three ways in which it has been detected that there is a need for vehicle rotation due to the existence of services or commercial or hotel activity: the street Orxeta -23 plazas-, Avenue de Foietes -80 squares- and Roldán -29-.